"Aunt Michelle"

“Aunt Michelle! Aunt Michelle! Aunt Michelle!…”
This is what I hear Spencer chanting
in the background
as I talk to her mother on the phone.
Her mother sternly assures her that her chanting,
in no way,
helps the car to get to ‘Aunt Michelle’s’ house faster.
I smile.
I mean, after all,
she’s chanting my name.
Who wouldn’t love THAT???
I LOVE to play my position as “Aunt Michelle.”
I love to love my best friends’ kids.
I love that they love me.
And I love every time I see how much they love her (more).
She earned it, after all….
(You would understand if you saw pictures of her pregnant with the twins).
And while I stand on the inside of the house,
Watching them watch her,
I think…
For once,
2nd best is not so bad.
(Love you, Kate, Spencer, Carter, and Davis. ❤ Aunt Michelle)


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