God Thinks of Everything

Absolutely beautiful.
She has that thing. You know. The “glow”.
And as I stared at her through my lens,
I couldn’t help but think…

What a blessing. What a miracle.

What a great mother Shanone will make.

And, I thought back to my own experience as a mommy-to-be,
and I remembered…
in the midst of my excitement and fear,
after all, most of us fear the unknown,
I read something.
I read that in the womb, fetuses are covered with a waxy coating called ‘vernix’.
In a sentence: Wax changed my (pregnant) life.
(yes, strange, but true)
In that moment I knew that everything would be fine.
I knew that If God could think to make sure that unborn babies do not turn into prunes
from being in the amniotic fluid of their mothers,
I knew He could calm my fears and plan for a safe arrival of my baby boy.
And, in that moment, I was reminded:
God is in control,
God thinks of everything….


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