Schkimmy, Schkimmy….

Do you spell it shkimmy?  or shcimmy?  or schkimy?  or some other, yet-to-be-determined way?
I don’t know.
And I don’t really care.
All I know is that the phrase “Schkimmy Schkimmy” moves me deep in my soul….
in a very, very good way.
Let me set the stage here.
Meredith College. Raleigh, NC.  The Class of 1998.
Amy Jo.
And, yes, yours truly.
God (there is no question about His divine intervention in this process) brings them together under one roof for four years.
They find Forest Hills Baptist Church.
And a girl named Beth.
And a boy named Collice.
And the world was never again the same. 
(at least not our little, super fun, nonsensical world)
And A new language was formed.  A language that made no sense to anyone but us.
The phrase, “schkimmy, schkimmy”  could mean anything we wanted to.
All we had to do was emphasize different parts of the phrase or repeat the phrase enough that it sounded like an entire sentence.
For instance, “schkimmy, schkimmy” said plainly with a slight shrug of the shoulders often meant, “it doesn’t matter.”
(Get the picture here???)
For most of you, you are thinking this was pretty darn juvenile for college students.
(And let’s face it….it probably was).
But we laughed.  HARD.  OFTEN.  VERY OFTEN.
And to this day, I think about our special language.
Our love language.
The language that said nothing but everything everytime it was spoken.
and I wouldn’t change it for a thing.
I love you guys….. Schkimmy, Schkimmy…. xoxo
M ❤

2 thoughts on “Schkimmy, Schkimmy….

  1. Oh what memories – I can see each one of you saying Schkimmy, Schkimmy at some point and time. And yes, I did think you all had lost your mind at times but mostly, it was fun to see how much fun you could have with something so silly!

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