A Main Street Wedding: Christina + Shawn

Calm. Cool. Collected. And absolutely stunning. That was Christina on the day of her wedding. If she was even the slightest bit nervous, she didn’t show it. She appeared to float through the evening effortlessly, taking in the love of her family and friends, embracing each moment, cherishing them, holding them close—determined to not ever forget the details of this day. Because on this day, Christina was marrying Shawn. Her friend. Her love. Her future.

Shawn stood at the front of the church, hands held firmly in front of him, waiting–earnestly waiting for the one. His one. The one who made him whole. And that one was Christina. As Christina walked down the isle, arm in arm with her father, Shawn was moved to tears. For at that place, in that moment, his life would be forever changed. Shawn was being promised eternity by Christina—the one woman he never wanted to be without.

The evening progressed perfectly—filled with trolley rides, champagne, laughter, and dancing….LOTS of dancing. All around were family and friends celebrating with them, loving on them, and promising to encourage them and pray for them along their way. Every ounce of this day was full. Full of fun. Full of life. Full of love.

Christina and Shawn….Thank you, thank you, and thank you some more! Thank you for sharing your day, your love, your family, your friends, and yourselves with me. I am impressed beyond measure with what sincere and genuine people you are, and my life has been blessed to have shared this amazingly meaningful moment with you. Your wedding guests could give the rest of the world lessons on how to have a dance party, and the warmth of your family and friends is much appreciated (especially their willingness to allow me a part in decorating the tandem bike….FUN!) I hope you are enjoying every moment of your new life together. May you never forget and may you never stop loving each other the way you did that night. Much Love and Appreciation…. M xoxo

Christina chose the pearls for this occassion, and she couldn’t have made a better choice.  The intricate lace of her dress combined with the simplicity of her jewelry made for one thing:  Pure and utter elegance. 

Christina’s bridal party made certain that she was without flaw for her special day.  And Gwendolyn, Christina’s sister, will meet no task too large for her to handle.  I am in total awe, Gwendolyn…Christina is one lucky bride to have a sister like you!

Christina, could you be any more gorgeous?!?!

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, making the ride to the church on one of Richmond’s historic trolleys a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of the day.

To be a part of this ceremony was to know that God was present in every nook and cranny of this marriage. 

This time around, the groomsmen were invited on the trolley, and they entire bridal party was eager to make a toast and start the celebration!

These two don’t look at all happy about having just gotten married, do they?!?!  

One word:  Delicious. 

How lucky is this guy to have the love of his life gaze at him the way Christina does???  Whatever you are doing, Shawn….it is working!

Christina and Shawn enjoyed every second of their wedding night…laughing together, embracing each other and their guests, and celebrating with their family and friends who clearly and understandably adored all that is Christina and Shawn.

I couldn’t think of a better way for Christina and Shawn to exit their reception.  A sea of sparklers lit up the night sky in just the same way that Christina and Shawn sparkle as individuals and together as a couple.  

To see more of Christina and Shawn’s Main Street Wedding in Richmond, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
Happy Tuesday!


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