A Jasmine Plantation Wedding: Sarah + Peter

The scenery on the way to Jasmine Plantation was breathtaking and serene. The winding road, lined in trees, was my only companion as I made my way 25 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia, to this magical place where Sarah and Peter would become husband and wife. The plantation grounds were filled with commotion, and it was evident that everyone who knew, and loved, Sarah and Peter were determined to give them the most special, most perfect wedding day ever, as they diligently worked, paying attention to every detail, to prepare the surroundings for the guests to arrive. The excitement of the day grew as I made my way up the wooden, 18th century stairs in the plantation guest house.  There, in the most romantic, victorian bridal suite, I found the beautiful bride.   Sarah was glowing with joy as she prepared for her wedding surrounded by her mother, her sister, her bridesmaids, and all the love a girl could ever want.  With one glance, I knew….there was no thing, nor person, nor natural disaster that could remove the smile from Sarah’s face, or the glimmer from Sarah’s eyes.  Sarah had already claimed this day with an unwavering grasp and had made it hers.  This was her day.  Her day to celebrate.  Her day to cherish.  Her day to marry the man she had loved.  And that man was Peter.

Peter was as smooth as a guy could get on his wedding day.  He joked with his groomsmen, goofed off during pre-ceremony pictures, and carried himself like a pro.  Peter’s only mission was marrying Sarah and spending the rest of his days by her side.  For Peter, that was the one thing that was no laughing matter.

The ceremony began, and Peter, full of emotion, progressed to the front of the gazebo to wait for his bride.  Escorted by her father, Sarah’s utter delight could not be contained, and she, too, was overwhelmed with emotion.  There was laughter and there were tears.  But at that place, Sarah and Peter vowed to love each other until eternity.  They shared their first kiss as husband and wife and proudly turned towards their friends and family.  With that, applause erupted, and thus began the celebration!  And boy, what a celebration it was!  The dancing continued well into the evening.  Heart-felt toasts were offered.  Fabulous cupcakes were happily (and eagerly) enjoyed by all present.  And not a second passed that Sarah and Peter weren’t filling the room with love, joy, and gratefulness for all who had touched their lives, for all who had supported them, and for all who would continue to guide them as they began this journey as husband and wife.

Sarah and Peter….words cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the opportunity to be a part of your wedding day!  Because I have known you, Sarah, for many years, your wedding holds a special place in my heart.  Your family has been a part of my life and my son’s life in ways that will stay with he and I for a lifetime. I can only hope that I have given to you even a small token in return–the gift of memories–a way to remember your day, your love with Peter, and the emotions you felt as you looked into Peter’s tear-filled eyes and promised him forever.  Your day was perfect, just as the two of you are perfect for each other.  Keep loving.  Keep laughing. Keep praying.  And know you can find rest in the Hands of our God and in the arms of each other.  May your life be filled with only the best.  Much love and appreciation to you both! -M xoxo

Every detail of the day was fabulous…from the antique decor and colorful candy to the hand-made signs leading guests over a bridge to the ceremony site.  And, as an aside, I think it’s quite possible that this candy was put out just. for. me.  How else would they have picked all my favs?!?!

Sarah, your pink shoes were fabulous!  They were a perfect, personalized touch, and totally YOU!  Love it!

Brilliant light.  Ample space.  All-around, the ideal room for Sarah to prepare.

This moment was one not to be missed…  Watching Sarah with her mother was moving.  The adoration they have for each other is overwhelmingly clear.  What a blessing it is for them to share such a bond!

Can you say GORGEOUS?!?!  This dress fit Sarah like a glove, and the moment she put it on, she shined.  You rocked this one, Sarah!

I’m pretty sure she was happy with the outcome as well!

Speaking of bonds…Sarah and her sister, Emily, have that sister thing going on.  You know, that thing that tells the world that they ” better not mess with my sister or else”….without ever saying a word.  The love between these two was not overlooked!

Who wouldn’t fall in love with that smile?!?!

The emotional, yet joyful ceremony beneath the gazebo.

Oh, how she loves that man!

I couldn’t resist posting these photos.  The one on the left demonstrates the all-consuming excitement that Sarah exuded all day long.  The other on the right was taken just as the couple finished walking out of the ceremony.  As if no one was around, the two embraced and shared a special moment.  Their moment.  Simply precious.

This couple opted not to have a First Look, choosing instead to maintain the Southern tradition of not seeing each other until the wedding.  To ensure that there was ample time to capture those meaningful moments, Sarah and Peter agreed to set aside time between the ceremony and the reception for photography.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Definitely one of my favorites.  It’s a photographer’s dream to shoot at a venue such as this!  The barn is a perfect representation of the day’s feel and the colors match Sarah’s bouquet wonderfully.  Again…definitely one of my favs!

Can you feel the love from where you are?  Breathtaking.

Peter’s father is a veterinarian, and it seems that everyone in the family owns a pet (or two…or three…).  In honor of their furry family members, Sarah and Peter added this personalized cake topper.  Great idea!

Sarah and Peter’s first dance as husband and wife.  I’m not sure if they realized anyone else existed at this point…

Perfectly happy.  Perfectly content.

To see more of Sarah and Peter’s Jasmine Plantation Wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

Happy Thursday!


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