A Beautiful Backyard Wedding: Amy + Travis

Fifteen years.  That’s how long it had been since they had seen each other.  It had been in high school that they were friends.  The details of their relationship back then were a bit foggy.  But, one thing was crystal clear.  They always had a “thing”–a spark, if you will–between them.  When he was around her, something stirred within his soul.  When she saw him, her heart smiled.  Fifteen years ago, a spark had been lit, and although they were curious about what it was and where it could lead, neither of them made a move.  Life happened.  They grew apart.  And they lived their lives apart for the next fifteen years.

It wasn’t until the Spring of 2010 when the unfortunate death of a dear, mutual friend caused their paths to cross again.  And this time, they weren’t going to let each other go.  That same year at Christmas, he asked for her heart.  She confidently said, “Yes.”, and they promised to never lose sight of each other again.

Saturday, Amy and Travis made good on that promise.  They took their place beneath a clear sky and among family and friends.  Amy’s two boys stood at her side.  Travis’s two boys stood at his.  Amy and Travis held hands.  They smiled.  They looked into the eyes of each other.  And with total commitment, they promised an eternity.  An eternity of love.  Of life.  And of celebrating the two families that were being joined as one.

Later, beneath a gazebo, Travis raised a glass to his beautiful bride.  Overcome with emotion, he described his affection for his new wife and the amazing love that they shared.  In the background, their four boys giggled.  They were happy–plain and simple.  And they had no plans on hiding it.  And really, why should they?  For the rest of the evening, Amy and Travis floated around the grounds talking to, thanking, and mingling with guests.  Nightfall brought with it the brisk, evening air.  And although the guests began to depart, the music played on.  The wedding day was coming to an end, but to Amy, Travis, Jackson, Austin, Evan, and Caleb, this moment was just the beginning.  It signified something new.  A new life.  A new future.  A new family.  And to this family, all was right with the world.

Amy and Travis, you guys are the real deal.  You love hard.  You play hard.  And your family’s silliness is contagious.  In fact, I’m thinking about growing some long, surfer-dude bangs!  What fun you all will have living this life together!  I am grateful beyond words to have been a part of this day with you…not just as your photographer, but also as your friend and your family.  Here’s to you, your love, and your new family!  May you forever feel for each other as you do today!  Much love.  -M xoxo

The venue was gorgeous.

Amy carried the handkerchief of Travis’s grandmother as she walked down the isle.

Amy’s pink and grey Converse All-Star’s showed her fun personality perfectly.  But she wasn’t the only one wearing converse.  All four of their boys wore black and white ones.  They were one, big, happy, Converse-wearin’ family!

Get a load of this dress!  Amy’s Kirstie Kelly dress from Kleinfeld Bridal was stunning.  Her veil was the perfect finishing touch.

The view from the bridal suite window was as peaceful as it could get.  Horses.  Cows.  Green pastures and white fences as far as one could see.  Amy enjoyed that view while her makeup was prepared by Mollie Booker of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  I am posting contact information for Mollie in the “Comment” Section.   She is a fabulous makeup artist and a terrific person!

Amy’s mother was by her side every. single. moment.  And she took great joy in helping her daughter prepare to meet her love.

Travis made a very handsome groom.  He did not at all understand why I asked him to hold a bouquet, but he did it anyway.  Such a good sport!

Amy was escorted by her two sons into the ceremony.  They soon met Travis and his two sons at the gazebo.

Perfect light.  Perfect love.  What more could a girl ask for?!?!

Those boys….all 5 of them….are her pride and joy.  Can’t you tell?!?!

You may remember this one from the Sneak Peek.  Are they not adorable?  And, on a personal note….Travis and Amy, THANK YOU for trusting me and following my lead, even when you thought I was losing my mind.  Love!

The first photos after they became husband and wife.  Pure delight. 

Oh, how that man adores her.  But, really….what’s not to love about this woman?

They make my job so easy…


Amy’s sweet friend, Crystal, made this cake for her.  I asked her for her information so I could provide a link here.  Her response was this: “I just do it for fun. As a gift for the people I love.”  What a blessing to Amy, you are, Crystal!  And can I just say….that cake was fantastic!

All alone in a group of people….

The couple chose, “Making Memories of Us” by Keith Urban for their first dance.  After a few moments, Jackson felt the need to “crash” the first dance.  And it was perfect.

Who wants to be part of this family?!?!  I do!  I do!  Oh…that’s right!  I am! Lucky me.  And I am soooo serious about that.

To see more of A Beautiful Backyard Wedding:  Amy + Travis, feel free to click here for a slideshow!


53 thoughts on “A Beautiful Backyard Wedding: Amy + Travis

  1. Hey, guys! Here is the information for you regarding Mollie Booker, the fabulous makeup artist that did Amy’s makeup! Call her. She rocks.

    Mollie W Booker
    Bobbi Brown Artist
    located in Richmond,Va
    Services extended through the Mid Atlantic region

    Mollie has been a freelance artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, traveling throughout the mid atlantic region for trend shows, master classes and beauty events in major upscale department stores. As well, she has had her own aesthetics business in Richmond, specializing in advanced skin care for her clients for 7 years. Call Mollie at (804)5131668 for your wedding consultation.

  2. What a beautiful memento of a gorgeous day! I am so sorry I missed such a beautiful event. What an absolutely beautiful wedding day! Major props to the photographer, you really did a wonderful job of capturing all the love 🙂


  3. Thanks so much, Opal! You are too kind. So sorry you missed it, but I hope the photos help a little. 🙂 This couple is gorgeous. They made my job a piece of cake! Take care, and thanks for the comment!

  4. Beautiful wedding pictures! They definitely look like a happy, content couple. Love the last pic! Hope you guys are doing well, Amy! Maybe run into you at OBX again.

  5. Amy,
    What a beautiful day you looked Amazing!! I’m so glad you are finally happy! Travis you are one lucky guy!!!
    Love yall,
    Lisa Redmon

  6. Beautiful wedding, loving family, stunning bride and handsome boys!! What more can a girl ask for? Amy I wish you all the happiness in the world! You deserve it!! Love you ❤

  7. As I was looking at the pictures I found myself saying “THIS one is my favorite!” at almost every picture! They are amazing pictures, the happiness really shows in the images!

    You and your five boys are adorable!!!!

  8. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful wedding! Every picture captures the love that Amy and Travis share. I was happy to be a part of it.

  9. MR really did a great job of capturing the love you have for each other. The pictures brought tears to my eyes, to see how far God has brought you. He loves you that much. You have a beautiful family. Congratulations.

    Anna Martin, friend of the bride

  10. I was really just getting to know you Amy when you got engaged and married. I have to say I can’t imagine you guys not being together. A beautful story about a beautiful couple. I feel blessed just being your friend. oh yeah haha great photos

  11. Michelle,
    Your presence at Travis & Amy’s wedding was as soft as a whisper and the images of their love is evident through your work.
    The venue was memorable, to say the least! The couple, well, their footprints were all over each detail and the people who loved them were as charming and beautiful!
    This was one of those weddings where you just are proud to say that God is their Number 1 and their love for Him created this bond between them….that will never be broken.
    Thank you for using the talents God gave you! You did a fabulous job and the images…well, they are priceless! I was so honored to be included!
    God’s Speed Michelle!

  12. Such a wonderful couple 🙂 Amy you look gorgeous in all the pics .. But when don’t you look gorgeous 😉 I just wish now I could of been there! Love you 🙂

  13. Amy/Travis, talk about a perfect wedding..The day, the location, the atmosphere, and most importantly the couple…So happy to have been a part of this perfect day. To a great couple/family….Happiness always….God is Good!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ron/Crystal Wynn

  14. Beautiful wedding and while I was there it was great to remember the perfect day and a most beautiful wedding!! Congrats and continued happiness.

  15. So thankful to have shared the day to see 2 of my friends commit to a life together, the pictures are beautiful as they captured what a wonderful day it was!

  16. What a wonderful story! I did not get to know Amy until after
    her beautiful wedding, but thanks to the pictures and this blog, I feel like I was there at her wedding and it makes me feel like I have know her years! Amy is a beautiful woman of God and I am so thankful for her and her family in my life! (It turns out that I was married to the man of my dreams just a few months earlier and we have alot in common with our wonderful blended families!)

  17. It was truly a wonderful day and I’m so happy I was able to be a part of it! These pictures really sum up the love you two obviously have for each other! 🙂

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