A Shockoe Bottom Engagement: Karen + Josh

Butterflies.  That’s what she felt in the pit of her stomach when he was nearby.  She first met him through mutual friends.  Soon after, he helped her and her roommate move into their apartment.   A friendship had begun, but a weekend at Nags Head with friends would transform that friendship into something else…something magical.  It was among the cool breeze, the ocean waves, a cocktail or two, and hours upon hours of conversation that these two fell in love.  They left the beach determined to hold on to whatever they had found on their beach house deck that night.  And what they had found was each other.  One week later, they went on an official date, and thus began the fairytale of Karen and Josh.

Fast forward to the day of December 5, 2010.  This was an average day (or so thought Karen) of Christmas shopping at the mall, and when Karen jokingly suggested they look at rings in Fink’s, Josh was happy to oblige.  Karen scoured the displays and found The One.  She was encouraged to try it on by the salesman, and did so briefly.  But, after declaring the experience a “tease”, she removed the ring hastily and the couple proceeded with their day.  Later that evening, when Josh suggested the two share some romantic time together over candle light and… uh-hem…a bubble bath, Karen was excited.  What girl doesn’t love a little romance?!?!  And to top it off, Josh wanted to talk about feelings.  That’s right.  This guy wanted to talk about how he and Karen felt about each other.  It was after their time together, while Karen was drying her face with a towel, that Josh got down on one knee and asked her for forever.  In all of her surprise, Karen was at a loss for many words exclaiming, Oh my gosh!  Oh my gosh!  Oh my gosh!…but only before she yelled, Of course!!!  In the moment following, Karen fixed her eyes on the ring that Josh had chosen.  It was The One.  Yes!  The One she had seen just hours before.  The One she had selected from the slew of rings in the display case.  And Josh had chosen it for her.  Not today.  But months earlier.  Josh then told Karen that when he saw it on her finger earlier in the store, he just could not wait a moment longer for her to wear it.  Always.

Since that day in December, Karen and Josh have continued their fairytale, and they are planning the next chapter.  In May, 2012, they will return to that beach…to the place where they found love…to the place where they found each other.  It will be among the cool breeze, the ocean waves, and a cocktail or two that they will pledge their forever love to each other among friends and family.  He says, “She’s a cool chick.”  She says, “He is amazing.”  Together, they love.  They love life.  They love laughter. They love love.  And they love each other.

Congratulations, Karen and Josh, on your engagement!   As a couple, you are stunning, and so clearly head-over-heels in love!  I am excited beyond words to meet you in May, on the beach, and share your wedding day with you.  It is an honor to be a part of your journey.

Many blessings and much love.  M xoxo

It was super fun to spend a day with Karen and Josh in The Bottom for their engagement session.  They seriously rocked it!

Seriously, Karen?  Gorge.

There it is… The One!  Nice job, Josh!

We took a little walk up to Rockett’s Landing near The Boathouse restaurant.  The view was amazing, but these two still stole the show.  Didn’t I say they were stunning?


Yep.  I’d say they like each other.  Juuuuust a little…

To see more of A Shockoe Bottom Engagement:  Karen + Josh, feel free to click here for a slideshow!


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