CALLING ALL BRIDES! Enter to Win…FREE Wedding Photography!

Yes, friends.  You read that correctly.  I am offering wedding photography to one lucky couple absolutely FREE.  That’s 8 hours of wedding photography, an engagement session, and all the really cool technological perks that come with it (a $2000 value) for absolutely zilch.  Nada.  Zero.  And I hope I’m not the only one who thinks this is muy, muy bueno!  See how my six years of Spanish paid off??? Holla!

So, my sweet brides (and grooms)…In order to win this super contest, a few things must occur.

1.  “Like” my Michelle Renee Photography Facebook page.

2.  “Subscribe” to this blog. (See left side of homepage)

3.  Comment on this post, leaving your first name/initial of last name, your fiance’s first name/initial of last name, the date of your wedding, the city/state where the wedding will take place, and a small blurb about why you should win. (ex: Michelle D. and Eric K., 1/19/11, Richmond, Virginia, because Eric is strong, Michelle has an amazing sense of humor, and we have the cutest, most awesome kiddos ever!).

2.  Bribe Ask your friends and family to do the same: (subscribe to this blog and “like” my Michelle Renee Photography Facebook page) and have them “vote” for you on each page.  For a blog vote, all they have to do is subscribe and comment on this post, leaving your names and a statement saying why you two deserve to win the free wedding photography (ex: Michelle D. and Eric K. because they are funny, always cook for us, and have a really cool man-cave).  For Facebook, they should do the same, “like”ing the page and posting the same information in the Michelle Renee Photography timeline. Each person is allowed one blog vote and one Facebook vote.

On August 31, 2012, I will tally the votes and determine the two couples who received the most votes.  From there, I will be asking two fellow photographers to make the final decision based on the reasons you, your friends, and your family have listed for why you should win.  The winner will be announced on September 3, 2012.

Eligibility requirements and the not-so-small print: 

-Your wedding must take place on, or before, December 31, 2013.

-Brides who have already booked with me are not eligible for this contest.

-This giveaway excludes the cost of travel, meals, and other incidentals, etc. if applicable.

-I will let you know within 24 hours if your date is not available due to my schedule.


Because I don’t believe in “losers”, all entrants will receive a discount on my wedding collection costs regardless of their number of votes, should they choose to book with me anyway!  Isn’t it fun when everyone is a winner?!?!  I will announce details of this discount on September 3, 2012.
So, now that you know the details, you gotta get movin’!  On your mark.  Get Set.  Gooooooooo!!!

Happy Sunday!

M xoxo



68 thoughts on “CALLING ALL BRIDES! Enter to Win…FREE Wedding Photography!

  1. Jen and Nathan, getting married on September 22, 2012, Gloucester, VA. Yes, it’s true… our theme IS dinosaurs and sharks with a spattering of fireworks and steam punk, all rolled up on a horse farm in the country.

  2. Lindsay B. and Robby H., 6/15/13, Richmond, VA. We should win because we’re so excited to become equal and committed partners in marriage; because we’re going to have an awesome Oreo tower and a delicious Tres Leches cake at the wedding; and because our marriage is going to produce some adorable and incredible curly-haired children!

      • I vote for Lindsay B. and Robby H. because they are a hard-working, fun, sweet couple. And…..Lindsay is the first of four sisters to get married….could bring you a lot of business in the future!

    • Anyone brave enough to join our family should have it photographically documented by the best in the business! Robby H. is a wonderful guy and great sport – Lindsay B. and Robby are the best!

    • Lindsay B. and Robby H. should win because if they don’t, I’ll be their photographer and nobody wants that. They’re also really tiny, cute and can hold their liquor. They both work in Richmond public schools and deserve a gift of this magnitude for all they give to the kids. Robby is a spanish teacher, and can totes help you hone those spanish skills of yours.

      • Lindsay B. and Robby H. should win, hands down. They work so hard to help the kids they work with…they spend countless hours and energy to give their best. Also, Lindsay has been saving for her wedding since her first teenage job. And you know that dry cleaners don’t shell out the big bucks. They are adorable, and I certainly am looking forward to going to their wedding. And maybe if they don’t have to pay for photography, then I can enjoy an open bar 🙂

    • Lindsay and Robby. They are, as already mentioned, tiny and cute, and both annoyingly well-dressed and photogenic.

      More importantly, though, they are two of the most generous, caring people I know, and they deserve this.

    • Lindsay and Robby!! Good-looking? Check. Madly in love? Check. Caring? Check. Fun? Check. Hard-working? Check. Deserving? Check.

      I could keep going, but I’ll cut to the chase and say all they are really missing is a fabulous wedding photographer!

    • The first time Lindsay brought Robby back to meet the whole family it felt like he had been a part of the family for years. He’s just another one of the cousins at this point. Cutest couple evaaaaaa

    • I vote Lindsay and Robby because they’re super cute and fun to hang out with. There is never a dull moment around those two. I can’t wait for him to officially join the fam!

    • Lindsay and Robby are amazing people. They are also more adorable than a baby panda falling asleep while chewing on a bamboo stick. Such adorableness needs top notch wedding photography!

    • WOOOO lindsay and robby! they should win because since they are both (as forrest mentioned) tiny, cute, well-dressed, and photogenic think of all the new and interesting wedding shots you could take of them! they will fit in all sorts of new, fun places and would look excellent. photographing robby and lindsay could definitely add some unique shots to your portfolio.

    • I vote for Lindsay Bien and the future Robby Bien (just a thought, Robby). I can vouch for the fact that they are both tiny and bespectacled. I love them very much and they’re one of the most worthy couples of marriage I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for this wedding!

    • Can I vote for Robby and Bien? Despite their heights, both of them can dunk (Seen it. Could happen at the wedding, which is one big reason for them to win. Bring the camera.), plus they are an ~*adorable*~ couple. I can’t think of two people who deserve this as much as Bien and Robby, except maybe me, but I ain’t engaged so I’ll let them have it.

  3. Liza G. and Alex Z., 9/20/2013, Cambridge, MD, We should win because can’t wait to be married and to share our special day with all of our loved ones!!! This free photography package would help us out tremendously with budgeting our wedding!!! Plus, I know Michelle would capture the most amazing & special moments of our wedding and take some gorgeous, magical photos! XO

    • I vote for Liza G. and Alex Z.! They are such a beautiful couple inside and out! They absolutely deserve this! They would love to have Michelle take their photos for their wedding!

      • I vote for Liza and Alex – they compliment each other so well and are always smiling when they are together. They both adore each other. They deserve the best!

    • Alex and Liza deserve to win because they grew up living on the same street and are literally the boy and girl next door! They have such a cute story.

    • Liza and Alex should win because they are two very special people. They’re a sweet, loving, kind, not to mention GORGEOUS couple that compliment each other in many ways! Winning the wedding photography package would mean so much to them both, and they deserve it!!

    • Alex and Liza should win because they are a beautiful couple both inside and out and they really deserve this! They are an amazing couple and this would mean so much to them!

    • I vote for Liza G. and Alex Z.! Liza is my niece and I am so happy for her and Alex! They make a beautiful couple! They totally deserve to win!

    • I think Alex and Liza should win hands down. Great people who have one of the most romantic proposal stories I have ever heard/seen and I think they will make a beautiful and photogenic bride and groom.

    • Liza and Alex are a gorgeous couple, inside and out!! They deserve a beautiful wedding photographed by a great photographer!!!

    • I vote for Liza G. and Alex Z. Liza and Alex make such a great couple. They bring out the best in each other! I know winning this would make their wedding day very special.

    • My vote is for Liza and Alex! Liza is the most genuine person I have ever met and is going to make the most beautiful bride! Her and Alex make a beautiful couple! They deserve nothing but the absolute best for their special day! xoxo! ❤

  4. Liza is my best friend and the love she and Alex have for one another deserves special recognition and careful attention, which I KNOW Michelle can provide. My vote is for Liza and Alex!! xo

  5. I vote for Liza G. and Alex Z. because they are not only a beautiful couple both inside and out but they are both sweet as can be!!!

  6. Alex and Liza should definitely win because she is my sister and he is a childhood friend and they are meant to be. They compliment eachother in the best way.

  7. My vote is for Liza and Alex! They are both so kind, generous and down to earth and I know winning this would mean the absolute world to them! Liza has been one of my best friends for the past 8 years now (we met as roommates in college) and I know how excited she is about her wedding day and how excited it would make both her and Alex to win free photography!! They have a tight budget and so receiving a free photography package will make Liza the happiest bride…therefore Alex will be the happiest groom! 😉 These sweeties definitely have my vote!!!

  8. Liza is my cousin and I am so excited for her and Alex to get married! They are the cutest couple and compliment each other so well! They can’t wait to be married and would love to have their happy moment captured by you!

  9. I vote for Liza and Alex. He is my brother and she is a good friend and they are perfect for each other and deserve a photo shoot to capture their special day!

  10. I vote for the lovely Liza G and Alex Z also known as the ZaZa’s!!!! They are such an amazing, fun, loving couple and I think that they really deserve a special photoshoot to capture their special day! Xoxoxoxo

  11. Liza and Alex are meant for each other. Honestly, two people couldn’t be more perfect for one another! Their love deserves a beautiful photo shoot on their wedding day. I know this would make them so happy and I wish them only the best.

  12. My vote is for Liza and Alex. They are an awesome, sweet, fun, and adorable couple. Liza has been one of my best friends since we went to college together at WVU (Mountaineers!). She is one of the most genuine and loving people I know. Her and Alex are always happy, and I haven’t seen Liza happier than when she is with him. I also believe that both Liza and Alex would be very appreciative and thankful if they won this package for two reasons: 1. because weddings are very expensive and 2. you take great pictures from what I saw on your facebook page and everyone needs an awesome photographer at their wedding! My last reason is if they win this package Alex might be able to use the money he saves to buy a new phone that isn’t from the ice ages, sorry I had to throw that in there 🙂

    • Hahaha! Brittany I love you… and yes it’s true, Alex still does have an old school flip phone from like 1999 😦

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