My First Love

I fell in love for the first time at the tender age of 6.  My mother and father arranged our meeting one summer when I was a child, and soon I knew why they had forced it upon me.  From our first encounter, I was smitten.  Even at that young age, I knew I had found the kind of love that would last a lifetime.  And it has.  I have been introduced to others, but nothing could compare to this love.  And the love of which I speak is my love for the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I love that place just as much now–if not more–than I did when I was a child. When I am away, I long for the scent…for the sound…for the cool, evening wind on my cheek.  There is, quite certainly, no place on this earth (or elsewhere) that I love more.  There is no place I crave more.  And there is no place that harbors more of my cherished memories in its hands, as the Outer Banks.  Each summer, I return to its peaceful shores and I take it in.  All of it.  I glance in every direction and I am confronted with an abundance of memories.  It is as though my life is literally flashing before my eyes…..  Family.  Friendships.  Time with my girlfriends.  Boyfriends.  Laughter.  Music.  Silly shenanigans.  Simple pleasures.  Contentment.

Simply, I am in love.  Deeply.  Not for what it is in itself, necessarily, but for what it has given me….what it has taught me…what I have become because it has been in my life for so many years.  No matter how I morph and grow as a person, it remains the same.  It is constant.  And it grounds me in a way that nothing else does.  It helps me remember who I am…where I came from…what life is really about.  And now, as a mother, my heart smiles as my boys play among its waves and wiggle their toes among its shores.  I see it it their eyes.  They too, are falling in love.

Last week, we went to Nags Head for our annual family vacation, so I wanted to share a couple pics of the boys in all their glory!

Nolan’s first official trip to the Outer Banks with the family.  He was totally content watching his big brother play.  And Tyler is still catching up on the sleep he lost.  Evidently boys are born with an endless supply of energy!

What a cutie, huh? 

Yes…I am one blessed mommy.  Happy Tuesday, friends!

M xoxo


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