A Country Morning Engagement: Amy + Joey

Amy nonchalantly agreed to go.  After all, what else were she and her college friends going to do that night?  She had an offer to go to Charlottesville for a birthday party for a friend of a friend, and she was up for the road trip.

Joey’s friends told him that he just had to meet their roommate that had accompanied them to his birthday party.  Joey agreed, but assuming it was a guy roommate, didn’t understand the urgency.  But then he met her.  And in that moment he thought….This is one sweet, country girl I want to get to know.  And he did just that.  Joey travelled from Charlottesville to Lynchburg College every weekend to see Amy, that sweet, country girl, and their whirlwind romance began.

Amy and Joey have spent the last three sharing life with one another.  Not only have they shared family, friends, laughter, and love, but they have also shared in the birth of their adorable son, Mason.  Now, Mason is only two, but he is already a romantic.  He was his daddy’s right-hand-man when he decided to ask his mommy to marry him.

Joey pulled himself out of bed at the crack of dawn one day to tend to Mason, the early-riser.  Amy, mentally giving Joey a daddy-of-the-year award, went back to sleep.  Once she decided to join her boys downstairs, she was welcomed by two dozen roses, and her cutie, Mason, in his high chair.  Besides the roses on the table, Amy knew something was different.  The bib. Where did that come from, and what does it say? Amy leaned closer, and read, “Hey Mom. Dad’s a chicken, and he’s too scared to ask…will you marry him?” Shocked, Amy turned and found Joey on one knee holding a box with a ring in it.  He asked, Will you marry us?”  And….since this is an engagement blog post, I suppose you can figure out the rest!

The way Amy and I came to meet was a chance meeting in a stationary store.  She was looking at wedding invitations.  I, business cards.  She overheard me speaking to the manager and asked me about my work.  She was a glowing, newly-engaged, bride-to-be that day, and it was evident from “go” that she was  akind and fun-loving woman.  But, after having had some time to spend with her and Joey, I couldn’t be looking forward to their wedding more.  They are the real deal… in love and loving life.  While I was directing them during the session, I apologized at some point for being bossy.  Amy’s reply was, “He’s used to it, and I need someone to tell me what to do!”  We both laughed.  Joey laughed less.  (hehe)

Amy, you are a girl after my own heart.  We share the same sense of humor.  And freckles.  And that means everything.  Joey…Amy is lucky to have found someone to boss around.  Just kidding, just kidding… She really is fortunate to be loved the way you love her.  I am so happy for the two of you as you approach your wedding day, and I look forward to many more good times together along way.

We started at the front of the property, and I thought I would ease these two into the session with some test shots.  But these two were pros!  Who needs test shots??  Not Amy and Joey…

One thing that comes standard with engagement sessions is exercise.  It sometimes extends the length of our session, but the outcome and diversity in backgrounds that is gained with a small hike is worth it.  Totally.

And she told me they weren’t models…

I don’t know what type of tree this is, but it made for a beautiful backdrop.  Look at Amy still working the camera!

Didn’t I just say a beautiful backdrop?  Wow.

I love the light-hearted feel of this image.  You can see how much they truly enjoy each other’s company…or that they find all of this entirely amusing.  I’m choosing to believe the former.

Check out those eyes!  Joey…always the willing participant.  And he even smiles about it!  What a trooper!

We had a surprise appearance from a horse model today.

Love this location.  And my models.  F’real

No wonder Joey is smiling…Have you checked out that hottie behind him?

There’s that tree again… Beautiful.

This image on the left is definitely one of my favs.



In love.  Without a doubt.

And one more thing….Amy!  Back up against the fence, but DON’T touch the electric fence!  Lol!  Geez…..

To view more of A Country Morning Engagement: Amy + Joey, feel free to click here!

M xoxo


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