I’m Going To Disney World!

68.  That’s how many more days we have before we leave for Walt Disney World.  And I know this because I have already answered that question for Tyler today.  He asks every day.  I now totally understand why parents do not tell their kids that Disney World is even in the plans and surprise them.  Tyler has actually even taken his peskiness to a whole new level by asking a few days ago, “Mommy, will we go back to Disney after we go this first time?”  “Yes,” I answered.  “Hmmm.  Well…..how many days after we get back from Disney will we leave for our next trip?”  Seriously?  I have opened a can of worms that is clearly not ever going to be shut again.  Despite his constant reminders that we are one day closer to our trip to Disney, I have to admit, I’m thrilled to be going.  My mother has been planning the details of this trip…as in, every. tiny. detail.  And as much as I am rolling my eyes at the thoroughness with which she plans, I do appreciate her diligence in making sure we will have the most amazing time ever.  A few days ago, I opened my email from my mom to find a detailed itinerary for our trip to Walt Disney World.  If you know my mom, this will not be a shocker.  I immediately felt like an 8 year old again and started giggling. And then I giggled again. And then I brought Tyler in on the action and we giggled together.  And then we shared the news with Nolan who had no clue why were giggling, but giggled with us anyway.  Thank you, sweetbabyJesus, for my super happy baby.  And while I have decided that I’ll share the details of the many fun things we have planned in a later blog post, I will share one thing that I don’t want to do… and that is, I don’t want this guy showing me around.  (see video).  Lol!

Hope this can get you giggling a little bit, too!

Happy Wednesday!

M xoxo


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