And the Winners Are….

Wow!  It has been absolutely amazing to read the kind, loving, and down-right funny comments that everyone has posted about the couples competing in the wedding photography contest.  I am seriously in awe at the outpouring of love that family and friends displayed in efforts to help these couples win free wedding photography!  So, thank you, thank you, thank you… for voting and for caring so much about these amazing couples to take the time to share a little bit about them with me.  It totally made me wanna’ meet them.  And you.  Every single one of you.  F’real.

In the end, though, there can only be one couple who wins the grand prize.  So, I’m super excited to announce that the winners are…. LIZA and ALEX!  Congratulations, you guys!  With a total of 48 votes (34 blog/14 Facebook), these two took the prize!

However…I’m a lady of my word, and I said that I would also be announcing a discount to the other couples that entered the contest.  So, for the runners up… Lindsay and Robby, I’d like to offer 50% off of my collection pricing.  I am also including a CD of edited images with unlimited reproduction rights.  That is a savings of $1500!

And, for Jenn and Nathan, I’m offering $500 off my collection pricing, and I am including a CD of edited images for you as well! That’s a savings of $1000 for you two!

I told ya’ nobody would be a loser around here!  I will follow up with each of you soon!  To all the couples who entered, and to the friends and family who participated, again I say thank you.  You are the reason I am able to do what I love, and I cannot express my appreciation for your support enough.

And because this is a photography blog, and this contest has reminded me of those who have loved and supported me the most, I’m adding a photo of me with my besties on a trip we took to Colorado. 

Happy Monday!

Michelle xoxo


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