A Rustic Virginia Engagement: Liza + Alex

It was New Year’s Eve, 2009, and Liza had gone out with a group of friends to celebrate. Little did she know that her life was about to change. For the better. Just before the clock struck 12, Liza met a tall, dark, and handsome man. His name was Alex, and within a short time, they realized that they grew up on the same street. As it turns out, Liza’s older brother was friends with Alex’s younger brother, but due to the age difference, their paths had not crossed. Until now.

One month later, Alex asked Liza out on their first official date, and thus their romance began. She calls him her “rock”–the one who is always there for her “no matter what.” He describes her as “bubbly and energetic” and as the one who fills an empty spot…His “missing piece.” Now that he has found Liza, Alex has no intention of ever feeling empty again.

Earlier this year, Alex took Liza for a drive in the country. When he turned down an old dirt road, Liza was hesitant. It looked like private property, but Alex assured her it was ok. Alex’s antique Cadillac came to a halt and the couple exited the car. Alex came around to Liza’s side and knelt to “tie his shoe.” Instead of rising, however, he held out a carefully chosen diamond ring to Liza and asked her to be his. Of course she said, “Yes!” and the wedding planning began. …And so did the interrogation when the police showed up because they were trespassing….but we won’t mention that here…. 🙂

This engagement session took place on Alex’s father’s farm in Centreville, Virginia. The location couldn’t have been more perfect! Since I was driving from Richmond and Liza and Alex were driving from Maryland, we were thrilled when the clouds parted just as we began the session and allowed us plenty of time to wander around and make good use of the rustic surroundings. We even got a pretty good sunset after the storm. Check it out!

Liza and Alex…I had so much fun with y’all! It felt like we were old friends, and it makes a great job even better when I am able to be surrounded with kind, funny, cooperative (thanks for letting me boss you around!) individuals such as yourselves. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be your photographer. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have been enjoying them already!

We started out in the barn due to a little bit of rain. By the time we got these two or three shots, the rain had stopped. Someone was looking out for us! This was our first stop on the farm, and obviously, these two are pros. I was in love with the vines and worn-down look of this barn. I already warned Alex that I would be back to “play” on the farm. You should have seen the cool stuff they had!

Do they look happy to you? Yep. Love them.

I mean, seriously! Who could have planned to have this cute little barn-like shed on the property too… as if all the other rustic goodness wasn’t enough!

Adorable. Enough said.

What a gorgeous couple!

The original plan was for Alex to bring his Cadillac. Because of the rain, he decided against it. Lucky for us, the farm had a bed of a pick-up truck randomly sitting near the barn. I jumped at the chance to use it in the session, and I am completely thrilled with how it worked out! Definitely one of my favs.

Liza and Alex were such good sports. They did everything I asked of them… and did it with a smile on their faces. I’d say it paid off!

So. In. Love.

He said she was bubbly. And energetic. Alex, I think you forgot to say she was hot. I mean, look at that woman! Way to work it, Liza!

Around this time, a rainbow started to form. The skies started turning shades of yellow and orange. It was amazing. And amidst the stunning backdrop were these two…head over heels for each other. I’m so honored to have been there to document this time in their lives.

Check out the sky in the next few. It was almost as beautiful as the love that Liza and Alex share. Almost.

Alex was convinced that ticks would be in the taller grass. Liza and I used our powers of persuasion (didn’t give him an option) and convinced him to take a seat in the grass anyway…

This was Liza’s idea. And it was a good one. How cute is that!??!


Just before this image was taken, we ran into some wildlife…three deer. Super cute. And then there was no light left. A perfect ending to a perfect session. For a perfect couple. To see more of A Rustic Virginia Engagement: Liza + Alex, click here!

Happy Monday!

M xoxo


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