A Walkerton Pier Engagement: Crystal + Mark

It was the Fourth of July, 2010 when Crystal decided to make the short drive from Portsmouth to Richmond.  She was looking forward to spending time with her sister over the holiday weekend, and her excitement grew when she discovered that her sister was planning a boating trip with a group of her friends.  The Fourth of July on the water?  With family and friends?  Yes, please!  Crystal’s sister checked in with her friend, Mark, to make sure it was ok for her “single sister” to tag along, and once she got the go-ahead, they were on their way.  That day on the water, Crystal and Mark met.  They both admit to having an immediate attraction to each other, but because of the large number of people with them that day, they didn’t have an opportunity to pursue their attraction further.  Soon, however, they were Facebook friends, and a first-date followed.

Two years later on a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, Mark asked Crystal to take a walk with him on a bridge over a river.   Crystal was eager to capture the gorgeous Nashville sunset, and she snapped photos as the sun made it’s way past the horizon.  It was then that Mark gave Crystal something even more special to take a photo of.  A diamond ring.  A diamond ring he offered to her as he knelt on one knee and asked her for forever.  Of course she said, “yes!”…and then she spent the next few days announcing their engagement to everyone she could…including bands playing in local bars….embarrassing Mark all the way.

Crystal and Mark adore each other, and to be in their presence only confirms that adoration even more.  The love they feel for each other resonates in all they do. They call each other “a perfect fit”, and from what I can tell, I couldn’t agree more.

They met on the water, got engaged on the water, and they will be married on the water.  So…an engagement session on the water made perfect sense!  Crystal and Mark met me at the Walkerton Pier in Walkerton, Virginia for this session.  It was beautiful.  It was calm.  And it was so, so them.  Enjoy…

To see more of A Walkerton Pier Engagement:  Crystal + Mark, click here!

Happy Saturday!

M xoxo


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