On Facebook Stalking and Getting To Know Your Clients

When you want to know how a friend, a neighbor, or your little brother that you are secretly keeping tabs on spent their weekend, what do you do? Check Facebook, of course! You can probably find anything you want to know about any of your “friends” (plus some) by checking Facebook. Honestly, I’m often surprised by just how much people are willing to share about themselves on Facebook. As an ex-juvenile parole officer…and avid viewer of CSI and America’s Most Wanted…I think they should be cautious. But from a photography standpoint, I love it! The more I know about my clients, the better! As soon as I’m booked by a bride and groom, I’m stalking searching for them on Facebook. I want to know everything. And I mean ever-y-thing. I want to see them with their families…with their friends. I want to know what they enjoy…how they spend their time. I want to see what they wear and what types of vacations they enjoy. I also check out their “likes” to learn more about their taste in music, books, sports, etc. Are all you clients of mine scared yet? Well, don’t be. By learning more about my clients, I am better able to structure sessions appropriately. The last thing I want to do is make a couple feel uncomfortable because I have asked them to do something that is entirely just not them. Most of the time, brides ask me for suggestions with regards to engagement session locations. Without knowing anything about the couple, I’m flying blind. But if I know that they share a love of boating, and they visit the river together on the weekends, then I know that a location near water would probably be most suitable. Similarly, if I have a fairly traditional couple, I’m not going to guide them into extremely unconventional poses. Yes, I may encourage couples to step outside of their comfort zone at times, but not to the point that the image and the people are incongruant. I also utilize Facebook when I am preparing the couple’s Showit Slideshow. Music is key to the success of the slideshows, and I am always trying to make sure that the music that accompanies the images is a perfect fit. By checking out a client’s musical likings, I can make choices for the slideshow that will mean something to the client. Now, I don’t mean to suggest that I go immediately go find and download a Tupac song if I see that my client “likes” Tupac on Facebook. Although, if you know me, you’d know I could probably find a way to make that work. But rather, I use the information as a frame of reference. It gives me a musical range and offers guidelines within which I can be confident that the musical selection I choose will be to my clients liking. See where I’m going with this? Basically, I am totally, 100% guilty of Facebook stalking, and if you are one of my clients, or will (HOPEFULLY!!!!) be in the future, have faith in the fact that I do my best to make your experience as true a representation of your personality and relationship as I can.

And because it’s Monday, and we all need something to smile about on a Monday, here’s a photo of my little guy, Nolan, when he was six months old.

Who wouldn’t smile at THAT?!?! Happy Monday!

M xoxo


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