A Maryland Village Engagement: Heather + Pat

It was her birthday, and she intended to live it up. She sat at a bar in Annapolis with two of her best girl friends. They were enjoying the celebration when Heather overheard a man ordering a shot of Patron. Heather, being the oh-so-shy type (or not), shouted in his direction, “PATRON? I Looooove Patron!” And it was her birthday. And she was beautiful. So why wouldn’t this guy start buying her drinks?!?! But there’s one detail I should mention here. That guy? Joe. And as you can see, this is a post about Heather and Pat. As it turns out, the guy so generously buying drinks for Heather was Pat’s brother. Yep. His brother. Joe, Pat, and two other friends had been out on the town that night, and while it took Heather a minute, a bottle of Patron, and a brother to find him, she eventually did. She found him. The man who would rock her world. A man named Pat.

It didn’t take long for Pat to realize that Heather loved all things Christmas. Honestly, “love” is an understatement. She decorates her house before Thanksgiving, much to Pat’s dissatisfaction. But Heather’s love for Christmas gave Pat an idea about how to pop the question. Heather and Pat sat together on Christmas morning, 2011, in upstate New York where Heather’s parents live. After everyone had opened presents, Pat told Heather that there was one last gift. He left the room and re-emerged with an enormous, and surprisingly light, box. Upon opening it, Heather didn’t see anything…that is until her father pointed at a piece of paper she had overlooked. On the paper it said,

“It’s been awhile and now I know
That I can never ever let you go
From the first time we met and your first hello
I know you’re the one where my heart will grow
You are my dream, the angel from the sky
Who showed me what life is and how I can cry
How I can have somebody who I can always rely
To be there forever and never say goodbye
The one I can hug when I am in need
The one who gives love, that no one can exceed
The one who’ll shed tears, if my heart ever bleeds
The one I have wanted to share my life with
So now I ask you this, will you please take my hand
And be the person who will always understand
I want to grow old with you, I’m down on one knee
You’re the only one I’ll ask, will you marry me?”
Heather then turned to find Pat on one knee, hands outstretched, holding a stunning diamond ring in Heather’s (now tearful) direction. Heather eagerly accepted Pat’s proposal, and the two are now planning an October, 2013 wedding in the beautiful upstate New York.
Heather and Pat, I truly had a blast with the two of you and am so honored to be a part of this amazing time in your lives. Your love of life and of each other is evident in all you are, and I loved sharing in that with you for a while this weekend. Thank you for your trust. I hope you love the results as much as I do.
Jerusalem Mill Village was the perfect location for an engagement session. It provided stone buildings, a barn, and a covered bridge among other things. Here, Heather and Pat were sitting on a stone wall overlooking a small stream below. Can you not tell these two adore each other?

On the way from one location to another, I noticed the gorgeous afternoon light shining through the trees, so we stopped to take advantage of it. Love.

Heather and Pat brought gi-normous balloons to use as part of their session. After we were done with them, we debated what to do with them. We came to a unanimous decision: release them. I stood back to capture the moment…Stunning.

Do my clients not have the best sense of style? I may be hiring Heather as my personal stylist. Because I’m sure that’s exactly what she wants to do. (Please note sarcasm here.)This is one of my absolute favorites. I love how relaxed they are.


I have never asked anyone to lay in the grass during a shoot before. Sit? Yes. But not lay. I am beyond thrilled with how these turned out. I think it’s pretty clear how comfortable Heather and Pat are together. It makes my heart happy. And this is when Heather became my new BFF. As I’m taking this photo, she said to Pat, “What do you call a fake pasta?” He said, “What?” She said, “An impasta.” I’m still laughing. And I’m not joking. Heather is a girl after my own heart. F’real.

Thank you, early evening light. Thank you.Remember what I said about style? If you didn’t believe me before, I know you do now. Wow.

Another fav.

Gorgeous blue eyes. Pat knows what he’s doing by making this one a keeper.

And just before this photo was taken, Pat joined the BFF ranks. We used another prop, and in order to do so, Heather asked Pat to place it on a tree behind the field. Let’s just say, Pat has one of the best skip-leap-gallop-thingy I have ever seen. It was totally BFF worthy.

Perfect.Ok, seriously. Can you even get enough of these two? Not me. A third favorite. So natural.I have no idea how a building that is falling down can be such an amazing backdrop, but it is. I adore this venue.

Congratulations, Heather and Pat!

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Happy Monday!

M xoxo


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