A Country Church Wedding: Amy + Joey

The sun shone brightly as Amy prepared for the day in her parents’ home.  Her bridesmaids hurried about tending to their friend, willing to help her in any way.  At any time.  Amy was excited.  Not nervous one bit…but very, very excited.  Honestly, I’m not sure if she was more excited about the wedding or the honeymoon to St. Lucia, but it doesn’t really matter.  Either way, she was ready to start a journey, every ounce of it, with Joey.  And as long as there was Joey (and their son, Mason), everything was going to be perfect.

Joey, like Amy, was not nervous.  Why would he be?  He was about to say “I Do” to the woman he already shared everything with.  They had shared good times, tough times, laughter, and tears.  And they shared a son.  A gorgeous, silly son…who also happens to have some mad dance skills.  And this was the perfect next step in their lives together.  He was ready to become her husband.

Love was in every nook and cranny of the small country church where Amy and Joey wed.  From the handmade decor on the doors of the sanctuary to the memories previously made during the wedding of Amy’s sister, the church was full.  Full of sentimental moments.  Full of meaning.  And when it’s doors opened and welcomed their friends and family, it became full of joy for the two lives that were about to become one.

Joey waited for his bride at the front of the church, alongside his best friends and Amy’s two brothers.  And when Amy started towards him on the arm of her father, there was nothing but an enormous smile on her beautiful face.  They stood together in front of their guests, gave thanks to God, promised to love each other until death, and asked God’s grace upon their marriage.  And it was with no hesitation that the two vowed to be there.  Today.  Tomorrow.  Forever.  Together.

Amy and Joey,

I cannot say enough about how much I have enjoyed getting to know you, your friends, and your family.  It is truly rare to come face-to-face with such authentic, genuine souls, and I am absolutely honored to have been a part of your special day.  Thank you for allowing me into your lives and for being a perfect example of commitment, thoughtful dedication, and kindness.  I am so glad I happened to be looking for business stationary on the same day Amy was looking for wedding invitations.  (random, huh?)  But through my experience with you all, I have been enriched and look forward to watching your family as you move forward in a new stage of your lives.  Give Mason a squeeze for me… you know, since he looks at me like I’m a crazy person when I get too close! (what a cutie!)  May you enjoy these images for years to come and always remember the way you felt on this day.  Much love and gratitude. M xoxo
Amy’s accessories fit her perfectly.  Simple and elegant.  Just as she is.I gotta say…I wish all MOB’s had a room like this for “Getting Ready” photos.  Love the soft light illuminating the gorgeous gown.

Amy’s mom deserves a pat on the back, a high-five, or a fist bump for all the work she put into planning the perfect day for Amy and Joey.  She made sure the timeline went off without a hitch, and for that reason alone, I’m thinking about hiring her.  Whatcha think, Mrs. Daniels?

Does Amy not make a stunning bride?  And get a load of those beautiful bridesmaids!  They were all so kind and gracious.  Amy is one lucky lady to have friends such as these. 


A picturesque country church in Hanover County, Virginia.  Complete with a country store across the street. 

Check out these florals by Strange’s. 

You know that adorable, silly, dancing-fool little guys I mentioned?  Yep.  That’s him on the left.  And I happen to adore this image with all three generations.  And I’m pretty sure this guy on the right adores his daughter.  That look is priceless.

Again…gorgeous florals.

Seriously, Mason.  Melt my heart. 

Nice work on the rings, Joey!

Joey’s best friend, Jordan, was his best man.  Their bond was evident and remarkable.  Cheers to many, many more years of friendship, you two!What a good looking duo!  One thing is for certain…this little guys loves his daddy.

Looking good, Mr. Harris.

Ready to see her groom.

The service was worshipful and reverent. Perfect for the joining of two hearts and lives.

For the first time…Mr. and Mrs. Harris.

The couple opted to not have a First Look, so we spent some time after the ceremony capturing the newlyweds alone together.  The results?  Stunning.  The reception was at the historic Jefferson Hotel in downtown Richmond, Virginia.  Simple elegance, once again.  

The staff at the Jefferson leave no detail unattended to.  I was thoroughly impressed with the planning and execution of the reception coordinator, Ashton Hassan, throughout the entire process.  And how about this fabulous cake?!?  It was red velvet.  Delish.

Can you tell this family is a very happy family?  Love them.  F’real.

The first dance.

Amy and Joey are both blessed with amazing families…who are clearly head-over-heels about them. 

At some point in the evening, I was speaking with Amy about photographs that we would be taking during the reception.  Her only concern was whether or not her guests were enjoying themselves and would leave their wedding feeling as though they had a good time.  She is so thoughtful.  But, Amy…when you see all the photos from the reception, you will know that everyone had a wonderful time!

The happy family.

Congratulations, Amy and Joey.  You are exquisite.  To view more of A Country Church Wedding:  Amy + Joey, click here!

Happy Saturday!

M xoxo


2 thoughts on “A Country Church Wedding: Amy + Joey

  1. The blessed memorable wedding of Joey and Amy Harris ( including the little dancing man, Mason) was captured beautifully by photographs from Michelle.

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