Snow Days

Hi, friends!  Happy New Year!  ….yes, I know I’m a little bit late on that….and I also know that I have not done a fab job of keeping up with blogging over the holiday.  For both of those reasons, I’m sorry.  Super sorry!  The good news is that I am back, and I have a TON of posts lined up for y’all to check out as we move through this year!  Wedding inquiries have been coming in like crazy (insert happy dance and fist pump), and I could not be more excited about what lies ahead….and the amazing couples I am going to be able to introduce you to along the way.  And they all are AMAZING. F’real.  For today, though, we are talking about something different. We are talking about SNOW!!!

If you live in Virginia, or any neighboring states, you are probably aware that it snowed last night.  As in, big, beautiful, fluffy flakes–snowed.  While I did not enjoy the snow while driving back from D.C. after attending Justin and Mary’s What’s Next Tour, I was able to better appreciate it’s beauty once I was safely home with my boys.  And it was so, so beautiful.

So, when I woke up this morning, at the crack of dawn thanks to Nolan’s 6:30 wake-up call, and I realized the sun was out, I jumped on the chance to get the boys out of the house and do Nolan’s 1 year photo shoot while I was at it.  See, while I was away, we celebrated Nolan’s first birthday.  Of course, because I am behind in blogging, I haven’t shared that celebration with you yet, but it’s coming.  Promise.  For now, enjoy the images I captured of my sweet little guy this morning before the morning sunshine started to melt the snow.  Tyler was my assistant, and to be honest, he earned his keep.  Between the two of us, we got a stroller, stuffed animals, blankets, a diaper bag, boxes, a Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair, a 1 year old, extra shoes, extra clothes, and my camera gear to a location for the shoot.  For a minute I wasn’t sure it was worth the effort, but then I saw the images.  And I am in love.  This little guy melts my heart.  Check him out.

11 12 13 14 15 16LOVE HIM.  Happy snow day, everyone!

M xoxo


6 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Great pix. I’d like to get some made.

    Candace Nahodil

    Senior Administrative Assistant

    Cool Spring Baptist Church

    9283 Atlee Station Road

    Mechanicsville, VA 23116

    (804) 746-8970 Ext 3


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