Happy (belated) Birthday, Nolan!

I’m almost a month late on this one, which makes me eligible for the official title of “Worst Mother EVER.”  I mean, really.  It’s the second child.  And I never believed anyone when they said there would be fewer photos, less urgency, lower expectations of yourself.  But they are right.  I no longer chase birthday party perfection with 188 DIY items, and my point-n-shoot no longer stays attached to my right hand.  Still, though, I love my baby boy just as much as his big brother, and I desperately want to savor every one of his moments.  To that end, I made sure to pull out my “fancy” camera when some friends came over to wish him a Happy First Birthday, Mickey Mouse style, last month.

Fortunately, one of my best friends had already done a Mickey party for her twin boys when they turned 3.  She was kind enough to bring the decor for me to use. We did make the cupcakes fresh, though.  😉


The next “easy” idea was to buy pre-cut Mickey head cheese from Kroger. Nice, right?!?!  And, just in case anyone was wondering, Nolan is not spoiled by his Oma.  NOT. AT. ALL.  (ha!)19

These pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate then rolled in Mickey-fetti were delish.  Thank you, Party City, for the gi-normous Mickey.  One month later, and the guy is still floating in the kitchen.  He no longer waves, but he’s floating nonetheless.17Nolan wanted to pump up the music.  After all, it was his party!

Nolan turns 1

Nolan’s first cupcake.  Didn’t even have to twist his arm.  Like mommy, like son, I suppose. Nolan Turns 1

Tyler is undeniably, the BEST big brother ever.  And Nolan just eats him up.  So blessed by them both.23

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! 22

Happy Thursday, friends!

M xoxo


2 thoughts on “Happy (belated) Birthday, Nolan!

    • Thanks, Sheila! When’s that precious daughter of yours getting engaged? You know I’m waiting on that! :). Love her. And Tyler still talks about “Shelby’s playground” when we drive by. 🙂

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