Richmond RockStars! Introducing Krystle Clark: Willow House (…and a special DISCOUNT for my readers!)

Have you ever had a moment…I think Oprah calls them “Aha” moments…when you realize that an amazing opportunity is standing right in front of you? And that you have a way to share it with the world? And that you would be crazy not to? Well, I had this kind of moment several weeks ago. I had been hanging out on Facebook a little bit (as if Facebook ever happens in a little bit) when I took notice of the many fabulous businesses my friends were either starting or being a part of. Now, I have been seeing these things on Facebook for a while now, but for some reason…on this day…it struck a nerve in me. Hellooooo, Michelle!!! Crazy-talented, fun, smart, kind people are all around you and you haven’t even shared them, their services, their products with the people who would LOVE them…the people who would benefit from knowing about them! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!? Now, it’s probably safe to say the jury is still out on figuring out what’s wrong with me, but one thing I do know is that these folks I’m going to introduce you to through the Richmond RockStar blog series are top-notch. They are passionate about what they do and they believe in the services and products they offer. They pour their hearts and souls into their businesses, and they value their customers. In other words, they are a lot like me. Each of these individuals I will be introducing you to here, on my blog, are small-business owners…entrepreneurs…believers…dreamers. RockStars. And they live in our own back yard…right here in Richmond, VA. I hope you take some time to get to know them. To learn about them and what they have to offer that can add value to your world. And I hope you take notice of the other RockStars that you cross paths with during the course of your days. Should you meet someone along the way, or if you already know someone, that you believe should be featured here, please let me know. I’d love to get to know them and share them and their passion with the world.

So….let’s get to the good stuff! Our first Richmond RockStar is Krystle Clark, Willow House Designer Jewelry Representative. Krystle lives in my neighborhood….like, a total of .25 miles from me, and I’m ashamed to say we’ve never spoken until we spoke about her being featured for this post. Some neighbor I am, huh? At any rate, I’m beyond thrilled that I finally stopped by Krystle’s house for a little while to learn a little more about her, her business, and the Willow House jewelry line. And I was impressed. Very. I had seen Willow House home decor, but I honestly didn’t know they even had a jewelry line, and I certainly didn’t know it was as fabulous as it is. But I  don’t know enough about it to do it justice, so let’s hear from someone who does.  (Make sure you stick around to the end for a discount that Krystle is offering if you mention that you heard about her from this blog post. Fun!)

Ok, everyone…meet Krystle! Wedding In Richmond Virginia

Michelle: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Krystle:  My name is Krystle Clark. I live in Mechanicsville, Virginia with my husband Chris, 10 year old stepson, Grayson, and our 3-year old daughter MacKenzie. I do work a full time job in a Corporate environment alongside running my Willow House business. I love being outdoors, crafting when indoors, and spending time with family. My husband says I’m a Facebook junkie…. but I just love seeing the daily adventures my friends and family go on!

Michelle: What got you interested in starting your own business?

Krystle:  2 years ago when I went to a Willow House party at my next door neighbors house; I never expected to leave wanting every piece in the catalog! Nor, did I expect to have so much fun! At the time, I had a baby girl at home, a busy home and work life and was feeling like I didn’t have much “me-time” anymore. This business has given me opportunities I would have never had otherwise. I have met amazing women, joined a company I love, earned extra income for my family, splurged on items I couldn’t have had before, gained confidence in myself, and the free vacations aren’t a bad perk either!

Michelle: Why do you believe in Willow House? What makes them unique?

Krystle:  Willow House is an absolutely amazing company! The word “company” almost seems too formal… the word “family” is more how I see it. Coming from a Corporate environment, I never felt like I really mattered. With Willow House, they remind us as representatives that we are what makes the company. The CEO’s know your name. It is not abnormal to get phone calls from Corporate staff congratulating you on your successes. The other representatives uplift you and cheer you on! We share ideas, It really is a sisterhood of sorts.

We are unique in that we are the only Direct Sales company that has teamed up with a Luxury Jewelry Designer. Sara Blaine is well known in the jewelry world as someone who has an eye for design and quality. All of her pieces are hand crafted by artisans in Bali and other places around the globe. The beauty of her pieces stand out with precious metals, semi-precious stones, and stunning craftsmanship.

Michelle:  What is YOUR favorite piece from the collection and why?

Krystle:  Oh my — this isn’t easy! For everyday wear, I quite frequently find myself wearing the Luna Necklace & the Audrey Necklace (because you can’t just wear one!). The Luna is absolutely stunning and features a carved Brown Mother of Pearl stone right in the center of the bronze necklace; it’s accented with stunning Botswana Agates. The Audrey necklace is another one of my favorites as it can be paired with just about anything. It also features gray agate beads. (Fun Fact:: Agates most commonly come from Volcanic Rock!)

If I could go back in time and get remarried to my husband, I would have LOVED to wear the Bella Pearl Long Necklace and the Bali Scroll Blue Quartz Ring. The Bella Pearl Long Necklace is so classic yet still trendy. You can wear this necklace with your wedding gown or your blue jeans! The Blue Quartz ring just screams wedding to me! The stunning hand-carved details make it special, not to mention the Blue Quartz stone can pass off as your “something blue”.

Michelle: In what ways can your business and the company add value to a bride’s life?

Krystle:  Brides.. I would love to make your day extra special with Designer Jewelry by Sara Blaine. Bonus! You can continue to wear and enjoy these treasured pieces long into your marriage, not just on your one special day. How about a showing for attendant gifts? If this is something you love so much that you want everyone to experience it as I do, I would love to offer a trunk show for you to earn your pieces for free or discounted!

Willow House offers many rewards for all of our clients. As a customer, you can get stunning Designer Jewelry at a fraction of the cost of a retail store (not to mention our Monthly specials). I offer Private Showings and Trunk Shows for those ladies that would be interested in sharing the experience with friends and earning some free jewelry of their own! Or, there is always the opportunity to start your own business. Whether your goal is to earn some extra cash for your family each month, make new friends, or just to have something for you (like I did two years ago)… we could be the right fit for you!

Michelle: Is there anything else you want to share about yourself or the company?

Krystle: It really is so hard to put into words the passion I feel for this company and for the Designer Jewelry. If you’re local to Mechanicsville… I’d love to meet up with you to show the pieces to you in person. The photos are gorgeous but really they can’t do these pieces justice in terms of their sparkle, their weight, and quality. If you’re not local… please feel free to call or email me.. I’d love to share more! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to share Sara Blaine with you.

Thank you so much, Krystle, for taking the time to share your passion with all of us!

Now, let’s show off all of this accessory goodness we have been talking so much about. Krystle had this jewelry box on the table when I went it, and I almost went nuts. Willow House offers jewelry for any occasion, in any color, and for any budget. And all of it is absolutely gorge. Willow House Jewelry

Take a look at these pendants. If you are thinking like me, you are seeing one chain, a collection of pendants, and a necklace for any occasion. Holla! Virginia Wedding Photographer
If you have been to my new website and visited the “about” page, then you know I’m a sucker for dangling earrings. Yes, Krystle is a girl after my own heart. And wallet, evidently.
Weddings at Edgar Allen Poe Museum Garden
If there are any brides out there, listen up, because I’m thinking of you here. This ring is gorgeous. Obviously. And I think it would absolutely take care of that “something blue” clause that applies to a wedding day. Check out the next few images of this collection and see the detail put into the design and craftsmanship of these pieces. It is absolutely outstanding, and with a necklace, bracelet, and earrings to match, I’d say you are good to go!
Clover Forest Plantation Wedding

Wedding Jewelry

Richmond Wedding Photographer

Here, you can see all of the coordinating pieces. Stunning.

Richmond, Virginia engagement photos
If you happen to already have your “something blue” covered, but you are a bride who is looking to add that pop of color to your wedding day, this jewelry was made for you. This happens to be my favorite among the pieces I saw, and it is on my birthday wish list as we speak. Hint, hint, hubs…Oma…Tyler…Nolan…whoever loves me and wants to make me happy on my birthday…

Best Virginia Wedding Photographer
Not only would this collection look amazing on a wedding day, possibly with matching, fabulous shoes, but it could also dress up a more casual outfit. Seriously! The attention to detail is mind-blowing! I’m in jewelry
And here’s Krystle again showing off some of her personal favorites and how well the pieces looked layered.
Wedding Photographer in Richmond, Virginia
If you contact Krystle and mention that you found her on this blog, you will receive a 10% discount!  So, touch base with Krystal here or here.  She’s happy to help you!

Happy Tuesday!

M xoxo


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