Richmond RockStars! Introducing Hope Owens: Home Salon Owner

Hi, friends! Welcome to the second edition of Richmond RockStars! I am thrilled to share another neighbor, and my hairstylist, with you! Let me just say that I am the kind of girl who typically goes for the $5.99 haircut coupon inthe ValPak. Sad, but true. That being said, I was never entirely satisfied with how my hair looked, and like many of us hard-working, mom-type women, I wasn’t taking as much care of myself as I should have. Sooooo, I decided to have Hope cut my hair a couple of months back. And it was amazing. It was honestly the first time I was 100% happy with my haircut, and it was evident that Hope was a pro. Not only is Hope great at what she does, but she’s a super nice, fun, and FUNNY person to hang out with. (And she might even offer you wine!)

Here’s Hope!….and stay tuned until the end. There’s a special discount just for YOU! 🙂

Virginia wedding photography

Michelle: Tell us about yourself.

Hope: I am a (almost)) 38 year old divorced mother of two amazing children. Rayne is 10, and Gunnar is 7. School was never a love of mine, so I went to beauty school as a last ditch effort to find my “thing”. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the perfect career choice for myself!

Michelle: What got your interested in starting your own business?

Hope: Starting my own business was something that evolved due to the way this industry works. I love the flexibility it offers, and the ability to support my family financially means a great deal to me. It also helps that I absolutely love my job.

Michelle: What do you enjoy most about styling hair?

Hope: Making someone feel pretty sounds like such a silly thing compared to what some other people do every day, but I am the one who makes them look good while they do those things!

Michelle: In what ways can your business and the company add value to a bride’s life?

Hope: In general, I like to think my clients leave my chair with a little more confidence, and we all know that a good hair day can take the edge off of a bad day!
Also, having a stylist cut, c0lor, and style your hair is worthless if you cannot go home and reproduce what is done in the salon. I make sure you leave with the knowledge you need to make your style work for you at home. For brides in particular, I enjoy giving the perfect cut and color to compliment the style she has chosen for her big day. I want to make sure she is stunning and polished for her bridal shower, her bachelorette party, her rehearsal dinner, and the amazing honeymoon she is about to go on. I help brides learn what products to use to when fighting island humidity or when she wants to still look her best with damp hair on the beach.

Michelle: Is there anything else you want to share about yourself or the company?

Hope: I want people to leave an appointment with me feeling as comfortable in their new “do” as they feel in their favorite pair of jeans. You should have the ability to dress your style up or down. A good style will look acceptable with 5-10 minutes of effort, and it will look kick ass with 20!

hair stylist

Hope is super helpful. Yesterday I had to have my photo taken (long story that will be shared in another post), and I had no clue what to use in my hair to make the style stay. She was willing to chat with me about it on the phone and then actually left a little bit of a special product in her mailbox for me to pick up. I loved the product, and I loved the fact that I could call her and ask for help even when it wasn’t during my appointment time. Who can get customer services like THAT anymore?!?!bridal hair salonVirginia Wedding PhotographyI do want to make sure I mention that Hope basically designed and built this salon on her own. Yes, she had some help from some friends along the way, but for the most part, this woman rocked this salon…. EVERYTHING in it. I am super impressed with her home improvement skills! Take a look at that salon! bridal hairLadies…and guys, too… when you need a new do, give Hope a call. She’s fab, and you will love what she can do for your look! Aaaaaand, if you mention this blog post, Hope will give you a free product of your choice OR 10% off of a service. Call her today at 804-338-4779!

Happy Friday!

M xoxo


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