A Rural Virginia Engagement: Lacey + Joe

Seven years ago beneath the dim lights at the Midway Lounge, Lacey met Joe.  Country music played on in the background and folks danced around them as they began to talk and get to know each other.  Lacey, however, was not in any way interested in a relationship.  Not. At. All.  So, their fun together ended there.  For the time being.

Years later, Lacey met Joe.  Again.  This time, they met while out with mutual friends, but Lacey was STILL not ready for a relationship.  To make matters worse, her girlfriends repeatedly told her that she would end up marrying Joe if she began dating him.  To prevent that whole marriage thing, Lacey chose not to date him.  For the time being.

A year after their second meeting, and after realizing the depth and gentleness of Joe’s heart, as well as his amazing sense of humor, Lacey changed her tune.  She realized that she had found that one person she was, in fact, ready for.  And Joe was that person.

On February 19, 2012, on a snowy day, Lacey and Joe went to visit her parents.  Unknown to Lacey at the time, Joe snuck Lacey’s father away to ask for his blessing on his intended proposal.  Later that evening, an otherwise ordinary evening at home, Lacey began organizing things in the home.  She had just put some things away when she turned to find Joe holding out a ring and asking for her hand in marriage.  Lacey, thrilled, of course said, “yes!”  And on the inside, she was thinking, “It’s about time.” 

Just as all good things are worth waiting for, so is this marriage.  Lacey and Joe are kind and fun, and they are beyond funny!  Joe is one of the most involved grooms I have ever met, and it always brightens my day when I open my Facebook account to find a photo from Joe, showing me wedding  images he likes…or images that are just down right hilarious.  Sometimes, he even asks me to pass messages along to Lacey, like to tell her “chill out” about the finger he bruised, because it would NOT ruin the engagement photos.  I am so very excited about their Manor House wedding planned for next month, and I cannot even wrap my mind around how fun their day is going to be.

Lacey and Joe, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your day and for following my lead despite the frigid temperatures and the temperamental weather.  We made it through, and I hope you area as happy with the photos as I am.  See you soon!

M xoxo


We met at the Dun Roamin’ farm in Mechanicsville for the session.  It had rained all day and was still raining until Lacey and Joe stepped out of the car.  Prayers were answered (literally) and we were able to do the session.  Yes, our fingers and toes were purple by the time we were done, but it was worth it!  Enjoy!

farm engagement photofarm engagement photo

farm engagement photo farm engagement photo farm engagement photo farm engagement photo barn engagement photo barn engagement photo barn engagement photo rustic engagement photo rustic engagement ring photo rustic engagement photos rustic engagement photo rustic engagement photo rustic engagement photo

To view more of a Rural Virginia Engagement, click here for a slideshow or click here to view Lacey and Joe’s client site!

Happy Wednesday!


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