Tyler, the Police, and the Pope

They say that laughter is good for the soul.  If that’s true, then my soul is in some seriously good shape.  And I have my seven year old son, Tyler, to thank for a large part of that.  Simply put, Tyler is hilarious.  Sometimes he means to be funny.  Sometimes he doesn’t.  But regardless of his intention, I find myself laughing out loud at that kid ALL. THE. TIME.  He has always had a more mature sense of humor than most children his age, and he understood comedic undertones and sarcasm at an early age, so I shouldn’t be surprised.  Yet, I am.  And I don’t think I’m surprised by the fact that he is downright funny.  But I am most definitely surprised by the bits of information that he seemingly pulls out of his back pocket at random moments.

I have a Tuesdays with Tyler recurring post, but let’s be honest…. I have totally neglected that post.  And to be frank, I don’t want to wait until Tuesday to share with you one of my favorite “Tyler-isms” EVER.  The following conversation happened today as we pulled into the McDonald’s drive through.

Seeing a police car ahead of us in the drive through line:

Tyler:  “The police can’t eat at McDonalds!”

Me: “What?  The po-po can’t like McDonald’s, too?”

Tyler: “The po-po???  Who’s the po-po?”

Me:  “I don’t know.  Who do you THINK the po-po is?”

Tyler:  (pauses) “Francis the 1st?”

This literally sent me into hysterics to the point that I couldn’t even order our drinks!  I love my kid.  And I love that he, at the age of 7, knows that there is a Pope  AND the Pope’s name.

Hopefully this little story has brought a smile to your life the way it brought one to mine!  And because a photography blog MUST have a photo….

Pope Francis I.

Photo Credit: Salon.com

Photo Credit: Salon.com

Happy Saturday, friends!

M xoxo


One thought on “Tyler, the Police, and the Pope

  1. He’s a cutie. My Corey (19 now) has been my funny guy his whole life. One day he told me he couldn’t help but be funny because he was born with “funny-osis”.

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