A Virginia Manor House Wedding: Lacey + Joe

The dogwoods were in full bloom, and the grounds were immaculately landscaped.  Despite the late arrival of Spring, there was green all around us.  It was the perfect backdrop for the day that would be the first day of the rest of their lives.  Lacey and Joe had been waiting for this day for years. Well, at least Lacey had been waiting for this day for years…  But, like all other good things, this day was worth the wait.  I am certain Lacey would agree…

Upstairs in the Manor House, Lacey’s bridesmaids (and her one bridesman, James) tended to her every need, and kept a handkerchief nearby. Lacey’s heart was large and full. Full of love. Full of excitement. And full of joy.  And in between the laughter and love, there were tears.  Tears of joy.  For this day…this day that she had waited many years for…was finally here, and Lacey could no longer contain her overwhelming emotion.

Downstairs, the groomsmen had a different approach to the day. It involved banter.  Lots and lots of banter.  And Joe didn’t seem to mind a bit.  Joking aside, Joe had no doubt that he was surrounded by the people who knew him and loved him most.  And the smiles that resonated from the faces of his groomsmen as they watched their friend prepare to marry his love, was proof.

Lacey stood on the arm of her father, took a deep breath, and took a step.  A step towards a new life, towards her future, towards Joe, and she never looked back.  She met Joe under a garden gazebo, basked in sunlight, surrounded by friends and family and with her hand in his, Lacey promised Joe that she would be there.  For forever…Through the good, the bad, and football season…Many football seasons, in fact, despite their being fans of different teams.

The guests made their way to the cocktail hour, enjoying hors d’ oeuvres and wine on the lawn until the newly married couple arrived for thier first dance.  The rest of the reception went off without a hitch, and the guests couldn’t have had more fun!  They celebrated, danced, laughed, and loved well into the night.  The food catered by Eat Catering and the cake by Confections Couture were fabulous, and the details that Lacey chose were amazing.  I’m kind-of in LOVE with this wedding!

Lacey and Joe,

You are two of the most genuine, fun people I have met along my way, and I am actually kind-of sad to see your wedding day pass.  What am I going to do without random Facebook messages from Joe?!?  🙂  I have enjoyed every moment of our time together, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the two of you.  In my world, I see a lot of things, and when I look at you two, I see an eternity of love and laugter.  Lacey, with Big Joe by your side, your life will not be boring.  Rest assured!  Thank you so much for your kindnes and for allowing me to walk with you during this special time.  I am truly grateful.  Enjoy the Dominican, and soak up some sunshine for me!

M xoxo

Thank you, Spring, for showing up for the big day!

Lacey’s dress was gorgeous!

These fab earrings were a gift from Joe. I totally get why Lacey thought he was a keeper!

This photo was taken in memory of Joe’s deceased father. All of these items belonged to him. Joe wore his father’s cuff-links on his wedding day.

As I mentioned, Lacey was tended to by her best girl friends. What a stunning bride.

James, Lacey’s bridesman made sure a good time was had by all.

And Lacey’s mother helped with the final touches.

Look at those eyes!


How about those florals by Coleman Flowers!  Absolutely perfect.

Seriously, Lacey. Just beautiful.

Joe’s mother was there to help Joe put on his father’s cuff links.

Hey, Handsome!

Ready to meet her groom…

Clearly, there’s something funny going on here. And I gotta say… you haven’t seen a belly laugh until you see Joe’s belly laugh! Love it!

A beautiful day for a wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Castelvecchi!

Stylin’. F’sho.

Get a load of these ladies! …and gentleman…. 🙂

Lacey could not have chosen more beautiful details for her day! Enjoy these images of her bridal party.

The happy couple…

Eats Catering did an amazing job. The food was delish, and the staff is amazing!

Lacey’s friends created these centerpieces. Gorgeous, right?

They truly are a “perfect match.”

Love the way Joe is looking at Lacey here. He is so smitten.

Everyone danced the night away…

A customized cake topper to show the couple’s love for thier respective football teams.

The cake was delicious! Yes, I stole a piece…

A perfect ending for a perfect day.

To view more of Lacey and Joe’s Manor House Wedding, click here for a slideshow, or visit their client site!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

M xoxo


5 thoughts on “A Virginia Manor House Wedding: Lacey + Joe

  1. By far one of the best weddings I have attended, the pictures are beautiful and represent what a wonderful day it was!

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