A University of Richmond Engagement: Amy + Will

When their mothers pull out the old photo albums, there they are in photos. Both of them. Little did she know when she sat behind him in third grade that he would one day be her husband. They weren’t even high school sweethearts. Despite growing up on the same street and going through school together, they never paid each other any attention. In fact, after graduation from high school, it took another 13 years (THIRTEEN MORE YEARS?!?) for the stars to align. But once they did, Amy and Will didn’t look back. In January of 2010, Will asked Amy out for sushi, and the rest is history.

Many, many dates later, Will and Amy (and Will’s sheltie, Twix) decided to join their lives and move in together. Soon after, they adopted another sheltie, Snickers. The four of them lived together happily until Will was deployed to Iraq. Will’s absence was felt constantly, and Amy counted the days until he would return. Every. single. one. And when Will did return, he had a plan. He never wanted to be away from Amy again, and he decided that a beautiful diamond ring would see to it that he got exactly what he wanted.

On this past Valentine’s Day, Will asked Amy to be his wife. She was (of course!) happy to oblige. They are planning an amazing peach-and-orange-themed, June wedding at a Virginia Bed and Breakfast, and they couldn’t be more excited!

Amy and Will,
Thank you so much for going along with all my crazy ideas during your session! I am grateful for the opportunity to have met you. I hope you are as in love with your images as I am. I think they are gorge. Best wishes and lots of fun as you continue to prepare for your big day!

M 🙂

Amy and Will chose the beautiful grounds of the University of Richmond for their engagement session. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Take a look!

Choosing a shirt for Will that matched Amy’s eyes?  Brilliant!

Sunsets are always perfect for a photograph!

Gah! Love it. Seriously cannot get enough of those eyes. Amy, you are beautiful.

…and they said they didn’t know what to do! (I no longer believe you.)

A fav. For sure.

Will’s time to shine. Work it, Will!

How sweet are these two!?!

A friend of the couples, Terry, came along as a UofR alum to show us around the property. She suggested some “tulip shots.” I should probably hire her. How gorgeous!

Now, you know Twix and Snickers had to make an appearance. Adorbs.

Another fav. The happy family..

Check out these two! Gorgeous.



You did good, Will!

A perfect ending to the perfect day.

To see more of Amy and Will’s University of Richmond engagement session, click here for a slideshow or visit their client site!

Happy Thursday!

M xoxo


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