A Libby Hill Park Engagement: Sara + Mike

Last Wednesday, I had the absolute honor of spending some time with Sara, Mike, their adorable Aussiedoodle, Duff, in Libby Hill Park for an engagement session. It was so much fun! I had met Sara before (she is a local glamour photographer who you should TOTALLY check out at this link), and it was a blast to get to know Mike as well! The entire evening was wonderful…aside from the 1.8 million inch worms that wanted to camp out all over us, but despite their best efforts, even the inch worms couldn’t ruin our fabulous engagement shoot.

Sara and Mike chose Libby Hill Park as the site for their engagement session because it was the place where Mike had proposed. After several years of dating, Sara and Mike had gone out for dinner at The Hill Cafe in Church Hill, and then they took a romantic stroll into the park. Beneath a large tree, on a street made of cobblestone, Mike asked Sara to be his. Forever. And she couldn’t have been happier to say “yes!”

Sara and Mike are planning an intimate destination wedding at the Manasota Beach Club on Manasota Key, Florida this October, and I cannot be more excited to be there to document those precious moments when they say “I Do.”

Sara and Mike,
Simply, THANK YOU! Thank you for a wonderful evening in the park and for the dinner invite…which I’m taking you up on ASAP!  I look forward to getting to know you both more as we plan for your Florida gulf coast wedding, and I am thrilled for the life the three of you have ahead of you! You exude kindness and sincerity, and I again thank you for allowing me to come along on your journey.
M xoxo

Without further ado… Sara and Mike! (and sweet, sweet Duff)

The tree under which Mike proposed to Sara! So sweet…

Seriously.  Could they be any cuter?


Gah!  A fav, for sure.


This one on the left is another fav.   I wonder if she even knew I was still there…




Both of them have smiles that light up a room.


Don’t you just love a little sunset during  a session?  Hello, sun flare!


And, heeeeeeere’s Duff!  What a cutie!  And a pretty good family shot, if I do say so myself…


More family fun.


2013-05-06_0008 2013-05-06_0010

Sara and Mike share a love for chess, and they play often.  I LOVE it when couples bring items personal to them to add into their shoot.  This is soooo them.




Mike, do you ever get tired of looking into those gorgeous eyes?  Didn’t think so.  She is beautiful.


The vintage ring Mike gave to Sara.  Again, perfectly them.


To see more of Sara and Mike’s Libby Hill Park engagement, click here for a slideshow, or visit their client site!

Happy Monday, friends!

M xoxo


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