A Rappahannock River Engagement: Jen + Kenny

A friend named Tina, tickets to a Toys for Tots benefit, and the year 2006. That is where it all began. Tina had been trying ruthlessly for months to introduce Jen and Kenny, but for whatever reason, it just hadn’t happen. Well, not until this night anyway. Jen had tickets to a local holiday benefit, and it was the perfect opportunity for Tina to, once again, suggest she meet Kenny. The stars must have finally aligned, and Jen was game. Little did she know that her life would be forever changed. Jen, Kenny, Matchmaker Tina, and her date attended the benefit, and when Tina and her date bailed, it was just Jen and Kenny left to finish out the evening. You would think that after the fun and good conversation they had that Kenny would have asked Jen for her phone number, but he did not. It wasn’t until a week later that Kenny hinted to Tina that he’d like to have Jen’s number. Soon after a first date was planned. Over fondue and flowers (good job, Kenny!), Jen and Kenny began their romance.

For as long as they have been together, Kenny has been the planner of vacations. In fact, Kenny is so proficient at vacation planning, Jen jokes that it was really his calling in life to be a travel agent. So, after Jen gifted Kenny with tickets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ first home game last season, Kenny decided to plan a Florida vacation around the game. The plan was for them to spend a week at a friend’s place in Coco Beach after the game and get some well-deserved R&R. While packing, Jen noticed that Kenny’s bags were especially heavy, but she didn’t inquire further. After all, Kenny is the travel agent, so the man has to know what he needs, right?!? Jen didn’t think more of it until Kenny confronted her about having tampered with his belongings. She recalls him being unusually defensive, but at the time didn’t have a clue. Evidently, Kenny had some surprises in that bag…

While in Tampa, Kenny and Jen shared dinner at Bern’s, their favorite steakhouse. It was dimly lit, romantic, and the food was delish. Jen noticed that Kenny wasn’t quite himself and seemed to be a bit restless, but again, she didn’t mention it. But when he asked her where the bathroom was, after just having told her where the bathroom was, Jen had to ask him if he was ok. Kenny got up from his seat, and when Jen turned, there he was…pulling a box from his pocket and kneeling on one knee. See, Kenny had thought that Jen knew it was coming, but after seeing her face turn white as a ghost, he knew…. SHE HAD NO IDEA. The next day they not only celebrated the start of the Buccaneers football season, but the start of their life together as well.

The next morning, Jen begged Mr. Travel, aka Kenny, to sleep in. Kenny wasn’t having it. She couldn’t figure out why in the world there was such a rush when they were just headed to Coco Beach, and for Pete’s Sake, they were on vacation! Can’t a girl sleep in? When Jen insisted and explained forcefully that it wasn’t “like we have a plane to catch,” Kenny pulled out two passports and informed Jen that yes, they did in fact, have a plane to catch… To JAMAICA Ok, ladies…I’m pretty sure that by now, we alllll know why Jen is hanging on to this one!

Jen and Kenny caught a flight that morning to their favorite Jamaican resort, and Kenny spent the rest of the week showing Jen just how much he loved her and that life together would always be better than living life alone.

Jen and Kenny are planning an October wedding, full of deep purples, navy blue, peacock feathers, and a million other sentimental, personal touches that will warm anyone’s heart.

Jen and Kenny,
You guys were so fun to hang out with for like, 23 hours, the other day! lol! But, seriously, I had a blast. Thank you for sharing your family with me and for opening up your hearts and sharing your history with me along the way. Your images are amazing, and I hope that they are a true representation of the love you share. I am super excited about your wedding and absolutely blessed to be a part of your special moments. Thank you.
M xoxo

We started the session and Jen’s family farm.  These were the first images of our session, and they were already rocking it.


You can never have too many barn photos…  And we are glad we got a few, because it was right after this that two horses ran us out of the pasture.  Not sure if the horses thought we were food, but they were sure acting like it.  It was time to go!


Instead, we took some shots on the other side of the fence.  Much, much safer…


On the porch of Jen’s grandparent’s home.


Don’t you love the colors they chose?


Jen, you are beautiful!

2013-05-07_0006 2013-05-07_0007 2013-05-07_0008

Because we went to Jen’s family’s farm, I was able to meet Jen’s father, her sister-in-law, and her sweet, sleeping niece.  But the main reason for the visit was to involve Jen’s grandmother who is currently suffering from Alzheimer’s.  Grandma Bonnie has good days and bad days, but Jen has known for some time now that her grandmother would not be able to make it to the wedding.  For years they have talked about Jen’s wedding day, and it was especially important to Jen that she be included in photos in some way.  We used the beautiful evening last Thursday to pay her a visit.  And, let me tell you, Grandma Bonnie is feisty!  We spent a short amount of time with her before she would have no more of it, but the time we shared and witnessing the love that Jen possesses for her grandmother was beautiful.  Truly.


Love, LOVE this one.


And these as well!


This was kinda a traveling engagement session.  Once we left her parent’s home, we ventured onto a nearby ball field for some shots.  Kenny played baseball, and Jen played softball.  Because they share a love for baseball, they wanted to incorporate it somehow.  Thank you to the 12 year olds who let me hijack their gear for the sake of some fab ring shots!


Next stop?  The Rappahannock River!  Tina… remember her?  See above.  Well, Tina’s family has a house on the river, and it’s pretty dang amazing!  She allowed us to use the surrounding properties to finish out Jen and Kenny’s engagement session.  Love this spot.


So relaxed together!


I was smitten with these colors on them.  Enjoy the next series of images from our walk around the river.  One of my favorite places to photograph folks, for sure.

2013-05-07_0016 2013-05-07_0018 2013-05-07_0019 2013-05-07_0020

The hour before sunset = prime time for portraits!

2013-05-07_0021 2013-05-07_0022

The following few are some of my favorites from the entire day…

2013-05-07_0023 2013-05-07_0024 2013-05-07_0025 2013-05-07_0026 2013-05-07_0027



To view more of Jen and Kenny’s Rappahannock River Engagement, click here for a slideshow or visit their client site!

Happy Tuesday, my friends!

M xoxo


4 thoughts on “A Rappahannock River Engagement: Jen + Kenny

  1. ~TEAR!!! I love you guys so much and so thankful for all of our paths to have crossed, I look forward to all the upcoming events and memories still to come! The pics look AMAZING but with Michelle I expect no less 🙂

  2. Made me cry….pictures of grandma are priceless! I love you Jen and am so excited for you guys. Her’s to a new chapter in your life and more great memories to be made.

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! I was friends with your Mom and Dad and can easily see both of them in you, Jen. So glad you got some pictures with your grandmother as well.My grandmother had Alzheimers too, and I wish I had more pics of her. I wish both of you nothing but the very best in life!

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