It’s Been A Year

This week marked one year since my sweet Grammy had her fatal stroke.  I miss her more than words.  My plan all along has been to do a detailed post to share about the amazing woman she was and what she has meant to me and my family.  But even after a year has passed, the wounds are still raw, and I’m just. not. ready.  That being said, I couldn’t let the week pass without telling you, my friends, that I love her.  I miss her.  And not a week goes by that Tyler doesn’t mention her.  “Mommy, do you think Grammy could be playing chess with Jesus right now?”  “Mommy, could Grammy be riding in the car with us?  What if she’s flying right beside us out the window?”  “Mommy, do you remember when I beat Grammy at Skee Ball and she got mad?”  “Mommy, I miss Grammy so much.”  These are just a few of the silly, gentle thoughts that make their way out of his mouth on random occasions, on random days.  And I love it.  Tyler was fortunate enough to have had a wonderful relationship with my grandmother, and what a blessing that was to his life.  He misses her so, so much.  Just like the rest of us.

Grammy’s story will be revisited, but for now, I thought I’d share a short video I made of Tyler and Grammy on one of those random days when we were just being us.  Taken with my point-and-shoot, so it’s nothing fancy, but here’s a glimpse into the sweetness that they were together.  Love, love, love….

Tyler and our Grammy from Michelle Renee Photography on Vimeo.

Happy Saturday, friends.

M xoxo


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