The Little Moments

So…. sadly, I’ve found out that the “second child syndrome” is true. You know…the one where you never take as many photos of the second child as you did the first? Well, until I had my second child, I thought that was a lie… a BIG, FAT lie. How dare these people tell me that I won’t prioritize my second child the way I did my first or that somehow something would get in the way of me pulling out my trusty camera and documenting every. single. moment of his precious new life!!!  Pshh…  They don’t know ME.  Of COURSE I’ll have just as many photos of baby #2.  …Just watch me.

Fast forward 16 months…. (insert crickets chirping). Yeah. I got nothin’.  No justification for it.  No excuses.  And because I know that some of you have more than one child of your own, I know I don’t even have to tell YOU.   You KNOW.

Lately, though, as my second child has made his way into toddler-ville, I have been making a point to try and soak up our moments.  My second child is also my last child, and I want to remember it well. All of it. Especially the little moments that we often overlook or take for granted. So, last night, as I was giving Nolan a a bath and the evening light was shining through the window, I yelled for Tyler to bring me my camera. It literally took about 90 seconds of snapping my camera to get this series of images. And I adoooooore them. The light, the simplicity, and Nolan’s ever-changing expressions.  It’s the expressions that I love the most.  At this age, they are so full of themselves and everything is new and exciting…even the evening bath.

Nolan: one week short of 17 m0nths.

2013-05-25_0008 2013-05-25_0011 2013-05-25_0012 2013-05-25_0002 2013-05-25_0005 2013-05-25_0001 2013-05-25_0004 2013-05-25_0010 2013-05-25_0007 2013-05-25_0003


Life is short, and this time is fleeting.  It doesn’t matter if they are screaming, smiling, or throwing spaghetti on the wall…or floor…or their big brother.  Take out that camera and catch a shot.  You’ll be thankful that you did.

Happy Monday, friends!

M xoxo


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