A Belle Isle State Park Wedding: Janice + Will

Janice’s family and friends had tried to fix her up with Will on more than one occasion.   Apparently, everyone knew the two of them belonged together before they knew it themselves.  They attended the same church and Janice recalls their first meeting as being “unremarkable,” consisting of nothing more than a handshake.  But soon after, a friendship began to form and both Janice and Will began to see what those around them had seen for months.

One day, Janice was asked to drive her sister to the airport.  However, upon arrival, Janice discovered that her sister didn’t have a plane to catch at all!  Will was waiting for Janice at the airport and whisked her away to Denver, Colorado where they laughed, played, and prayed together for hours.  Janice, up to this point, had been known to hate surprises.  However, THIS surprise was turning out to be something special.  To top off the surprise-filled, special day, Will, on the top of Keystone Mountain, in the snow and under a starlit sky, asked Janice to be his wife.  Janice describes the moment as being a fairy-tale.  I think all of us women out here would agree, wouldn’t we?

Janice and Will’s wedding day was just as magical as that day Will proposed.  They worshiped together among family and friends in a full Catholic mass and said their “I Do’s”, trusting God to guide their lives together.  Janice and Will planned every moment of their wedding day around their love for friends and family.  And it was a blast!  I cannot say I have been to any other wedding where there were as many fun, playful children.  Everyone was all smiles despite the ridiculous heat, and their day went off without a hitch!

Janice and Will,

There is no doubt that you are loved.  Your friends and family are one of the most warm and genuine groups of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  But let’s be honest… what’s not to love about you two?!?!  Your kindness and love for everyone is evident in all you do, and I have no doubt that you two will live a long, happy, laughter-filled life together.  Thank you for welcoming me into your world and allowing me to be a part of your magical day.  Much love, M

The ceremony took place at Saint Francis De Sales Catholic Church in Kilmarnock, Virginia.
Janice and Will Slideshow-4421

Janice’s favorite color is yellow, and Will loves green.  To incorporate a little bit of both of them into their wedding day, they chose yellow and green as their colors.  Will designed Janice’s ring, and it is STUNNING.  I don’t show it here, but he also had an emerald place in the side of the ring.  It is perfection.

Janice and Will Slideshow-4487

I love it when brides integrate family heirlooms into their wedding day.  These are a few special pieces Janice wore.

Janice and Will Slideshow-4448Janice and Will Slideshow-4509


How can you not love that smile!  Janice is true blue and a total joy to be around.

Janice and Will Slideshow-4532

Janice’s mother and oldest sister helped her prepare for the day.

Janice and Will Slideshow-4550

Can you tell Will was a happy man?  I thought so.

Janice and Will Slideshow-4590Janice and Will Slideshow-4442

Check out these cuties!  Janice and Will have HUGE families, and it made the day even that much more fun.

Janice and Will Slideshow-4641

And here’s the bride with her father.  Beautiful.

Janice and Will Slideshow-4646
Janice and Will Slideshow-4659Janice and Will Slideshow-4714Janice and Will Slideshow-4719Janice and Will Slideshow-4752Janice and Will Slideshow-4812

Mr. and Mrs. Stallings!

Janice and Will Slideshow-4836
Janice and Will Slideshow-4849

Check out the camo worn by some of the groomsmen.   Will did say his favorite color was green!

Janice and Will Slideshow-5113

Sweeping his new bride off her feet.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5072

The couple opted not to have a First Look, so we made time to take portraits before entering the reception venue.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5118Janice and Will Slideshow-5115Janice and Will Slideshow-5133Janice and Will Slideshow-5141
Janice and Will Slideshow-5147Janice and Will Slideshow-5154Janice and Will Slideshow-5162Janice and Will Slideshow-5159Janice and Will Slideshow-5176Janice and Will Slideshow-5180Janice and Will Slideshow-5186Janice and Will Slideshow-5197Janice and Will Slideshow-5190

And then it was time for some fun!  The fans were definitely useful.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5054
Janice and Will Slideshow-5203

The happy couple danced to “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Ingrid Michaelson.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5243Janice and Will Slideshow-5275Janice and Will Slideshow-5265Janice and Will Slideshow-5278Janice and Will Slideshow-5289

Always special is the father-daughter dance.  This time, Janice and her father invited all father/daughter couples onto the dance floor.  What a great idea!

Janice and Will Slideshow-5304

Janice’s sisters were the first to join in.  I love this photo!

Janice and Will Slideshow-5318

Equally sweet is the mother-son dance.  Following their intro, all mother/son combos were invited to join in.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5392

As mentioned, Janice and Will wanted their day to be full of fun for friends and family of all ages.  These candids capture the spirit of the day perfectly.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5374 Janice and Will Slideshow-5702

This could very well be my favorite mother of the bride/bride moment.  EVER.  I adore this moment.  It is the reason I do what I do.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5450

And no wedding is complete without some yummy sweetness.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5089
Janice and Will admit that their relationship is very playful.  Because of that, I knew the cake cutting was going to be fun!  Take a look…

Janice and Will Slideshow-5413 Janice and Will Slideshow-5420  Janice and Will Slideshow-5442

There were accordians…

Janice and Will Slideshow-5446

And a piñata, too!

Janice and Will Slideshow-5573

And when the sun began to set, the couple made their way to the water’s edge for some more portraits.

Janice and Will Slideshow-5469 Janice and Will Slideshow-5502 Janice and Will Slideshow-5487 Janice and Will Slideshow-5506  Janice and Will Slideshow-5483

To view more of Janice and Will’s Belle Isle State Park Wedding, click here for a slideshow or visit their client site!

Happy Monday, friends!

M xoxo


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