A Cool Spring Wedding: Katey + Zac

In two separate areas of the church, Katey and Zac prepared for each other.  Katey was calm but bubbly.  She laughed with her mother, her sister, and her friends.  Her mother made bunny ears  behind her head as I took their picture together while getting ready.  Evidently, it was payback for the many times that Katey had photo-bombed her mother’s photos.  And Katey didn’t mind.  Katey reminisced about those lighthearted moments she had with her mother, basked in the love from those around her, took each moment in stride, and she focused on two things: enjoying every single moment, and the man she was prepared to call her own.  Forever.

Meanwhile, Zac, too, was preparing with his brother and his friends.  When I asked him if he was nervous, he calmly shrugged and responded, “Not really.  This has been as good as done for a long time.”  See, Zac knew a long time ago, without a doubt, that Katey was the one for him.  And marrying this woman was his only option.  His perfect choice.  Because he couldn’t stay away from her, even if he tried.

The ceremony was filled to the rim with music.  Katey’s mother, along with other friends, sang Seasons of Love from the musical, Rent, just before the ushers seated the grandparents.  And as a surprise to Zac, Katey recorded herself singing when he and the groomsmen entered the sanctuary. To top it off, Katey had chosen to have a recording of her deceased grandfather singing a hymn as part of the ceremony.  If it isn’t obvious enough, Katey loves music.  And she used it to personalize her wedding day perfectly.  The music, however, wasn’t the only thing perfect about this day.  The details of Katey and Zac’s wedding day were exquisite.  A peacock theme flowed throughout every inch of the day, from Katey’s shoes to the wreaths on the doors.  But beyond the superficial perfection, was the perfect love that Katey and Zac pledged to each other at the altar.  They stood, hand in hand, face to face, exchanged rings and said their “I Do”‘s.  And they were both overwhelmed with excitement at becoming Mr. and Mrs. Loyd.

Katey and Zac, you are amazing.  I fell in love with your soft and gentle spirits and envy the fun you will have in the many years you will spend together.  I am honored to have been a part of your wedding day and sincerely thank you for trusting me to help you make this day last a lifetime.  I am thrilled to have met you and look forward to being part of the same (church) family for a long, long time.  Much love and best wishes always.  M xoxo

The church members who helped decorate the church for the wedding deserve a high-five!  I have been a member here since I was 12 and have never seen it look so good.  Good job, friends!


Katey, I suppose it’s safe to tell you now…but if I could have gotten away with it, I would have totally tucked those Jessica Simpson shoes in my pocket and taken them home.  Way to rock it, girl.

Katey is an avid reader and lover of Jesus.  To personalize her bouquet, she chose to add florals to a Bible…a perfect representation.Stunning.Three generations of marriage. 

Katey’s father, Dr. Brad Hoffmann met his daughter in the sanctuary prior to the ceremony.Katey chose to use florals and books for her bridesmaids as well.

Looking good, Zac. Glad you made it to the ceremony after we got locked out of the church while getting these shots.  …but that’s a story for another day.

A few quiet moments before Katey meets her groom.

Such special moments.Katey’s father walked her down the isle and then performed the remainder of the service.Presenting, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Loyd.

The details flowed into the reception as well.  Check out that cake!  Katey chose to have a memory table at her reception where photos of deceased family members were displayed.  It was a meaningful and creative way to make her special family members a part of her day.

Book centerpieces on the reception tables. 

I just adore this image because it represents Katey’s nature so well.  She exudes kindness.

Check out these two! Congratulations!

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Sneak Peek! A Cool Spring Wedding: Katey + Zac

Hey, there!  I am super excited to share a sneak peek of Katey and Zac’s wedding day, which I had the honor of shooting this past Saturday.  Not only are Katey and Zac special because they are adorable, sweet, and oh-so-in-love, but they are also special because Katey is family.  No, we are not biologically related but we are part of the same church family.  And THAT is something special, for sure!  Enjoy this quick peek into their beautiful day, and be sure to check back later in the week for more of this wedding day goodness!  You def don’t want to miss this.  Think peacocks, books, and the color blue. 

Happy Monday!
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